Hustle beats Talent! Calling all the Steem witnesses, DApps founders, community leaders to join Twitter marketing for our Blockchain #STEEM

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  1. President Trump won election because of Twitter
  2. Vitalik Butterin is marketing #ETH with Twitter
  3. Charles Hoskinson is marketing #ADA with Twitter
  4. Roger Ver is marketing #BCH with Twitter
  5. CZ_Binance is marketing #BNB with Twitter
  6. Justin Freaking Sun is doing hardcore marketing #TRX with Twitter
  7. Because #STEEM is more decentralised like Bitcoin, we as a community need to collectively do marketing for our Blockchain

I really hope you can give few minutes a day for your Blockchain and I truly believe collectively we can make an #STEEM Earthquake in Twitter

Just do it and we’ll all benefit from higher price of #STEEM in the months, years to come

And do not underestimate the power of Twitter

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Great push here @nathanmars to market and promote #steem on twitter.
Here is my Tweet link with my newly created images for #steem promotion on #twitter

You know I'm pretty disappointed, it's just like 10% of steemians on twitter, it's demoralizing and it's terrible we see a lot of people on discord trying to get people to put them on auto votes but they can't even spend time on twitter to promote the blockchain most importantly steem for mass acceptance, it's totally not so good, it's paramount people wakes up this call, it's imperative to, because now it's just the right time


I continue to share information about #STEEM and Steemit with my audience on Twitter. EVERYONE should have a Twitter account and start sharing the good news about #STEEM

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Awesome username lol, and thank you for doing that

Yep onto it and seeing the difference and effect of it on Steem. Lets keep it Going.

Yes, lets do it everybody.
Lets make some noise.
Lets aware the world about steem.
Lets move onto twitter.
Lets tell them steem potential.
Lets push steem to the moon.

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I’m in it to win it... doing my best to engage on twitter! 😎

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Definitely, you mentioned every crypto leaders marketing on twitter. If every Dapps founders included every #steem citizens need to involve with Twitter hustle. I believe time for join Twitter campaign bring steem high price.

"Hustle beats Talent!" - I like that saying a lot!

Yes I can see the power and reach of Twitter. I never paid it much attention before you started mentioning it. I have to admit I am a Twitter noob, but I will learn it!

Of course, to take our steem to a better level, we need to have a campaign and many do not know that Twitter is powerful enough to tell you how powerful Twitter users are able to tell about it because seeing is the best kind of cryptocarcation across the world. And the talented people said everyone you find on Twitter If you get it, then it can be understood how powerful it is that all of the time here is a very nice campaign, thank you

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Social media like Twitter has succeeded in tackling the ignorance collective and has succeeded in changing the laws. Events have shown that the greater the number of activists, the greater their strength...

Yes. I believe in STEEM

Yessss. Thanks for all of the love and RTs over there on Twitter. I see you making waves over there. Keep up the awesome work dude!

If you can move people to action, you will create a miracle @nathanmars. I will not stop trying, and we already have such great action out there from your efforts.

STEEM is a wonderful blockchain with incredible unrealized potential. We have great dapps ranking on several lists and a motivated group of bloggers. It does not take much to make an impact on twitter and we can do it.

The LTC guy is also a heavy hitter using twitter to shape his world.

Anyone who sees this post and does not know how to get started on twitter but wants to try:

  • go to this comment and take the simple steps to set your account up and get tweeting. Many of us on steem are there on twitter to help you and nothing is stopping us but inaction.

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Yes sir tomirrow i will create an account on twitter and i will learn how to use twitter and how it will be more beneficial to STEEM

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Actually you are right, HUSTLE as much as you can :)

Yes we can learn and take example of above mentioned people who got existence due to Twitter hustle. Nothing is impossible only we have to create curiosity in people who is outside this blockchain. And this could be possible when we make a hustle via social media, twitter campaign.