Ways to Improve Your Social Presence on Facebook

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There are many ways to increase your social presence on Facebook. Let’s face(book) it, if you not on Facebook, then your blog is probably not going to go that far or succeed that fast. Having a social media presence on Facebook and online is one of the many requirements that you must have to be successful and the returns on investing in Social Media marketing are amazing.

Creating A Facebook Page and Getting it Liked

One of the arms of a blog is to have another face on social media. One where people can recognize when they leave your site. Over one billion people use Facebook, so it’s almost a given that after someone leaves your blog, they will, at one point, get on Facebook.

Now it’s imperative that you create a Facebook page that you can use to interact with these people. But what if they don’t know that you exist on Facebook? A great way to boost more social activity on Facebook is to create a fan page and bring more interaction from these visitors to social media sites.

Once you have created your Fan Page, you need to have an extension of that page on your website somewhere like

I do on this one. As you can see, it allows the people that come to my site to understand that I am also on another social media site. One that is a good chance they are already on!

How it’s done:

The creation of the Fan Page is easy. Once you get that done you will need to actually place an image like the one I have on my website on your blog. The first step is to go to Facebook developer’s and place your fan page info in the necessary fields and they will in turn give you a code with which you can place anywhere on your blog. Preferably in the sidebar where people coming to your site will notice it.

Now for the hard part, getting it “liked”

You can’t really point a gun at someone’s head and tell them to “like” you fan page. But if you have regular visitors coming to your site daily, it’s only a matter of time before people see this. Still not convinced? Another great way to bring in more likes to you fan page on your blog is to write awesome content.

Really, this is the only thing that matters and it is what everything hinges off of anyway. Writing great content that can help the reader achieve something will go a long way in their decision to click the “like” button on your website.

Another way to bring in fast likes for your fan page is by inviting your friends on Facebook to take advantage of this offer. This option has to be done on the Facebook site itself, and it is pretty straightforward and simple, all you have to do is find the “Build Audience” button at the top of your fan page.

There is another great method for getting likes to your fan page, and it’s by using the promotion button after submitting a post. Sadly, you cannot use this feature until your Fan Page reaches 100 “likes”, but once you have that accomplished, you can review this awesome feature that shows you 5 profit-generating Facebook Ad strategies that I have successfully used to bring in sales, more subscribers, and new readers.
So You Wanna Get Social?

Ha! You just want to make money! Believe me, I know! I have talked to more beginner bloggers than I should have last month and all they wanted to do was to be millionaire’s.

Hey, this is not a bad thing, but it can definitely hinder your approach when it comes to being social on Facebook.

Let’s figure this out.

You want to be successful, but you can’t have success without someone buying something.

Someone can’t buy something unless they know that you have a product or idea that can help them.

This is the first building block to a buyer.

People don’t want affiliate links thrown at them all the time! They want people that interact with them on their level. They want a friend, someone to laugh at the post they just wrote, etc.

I’m telling you that when I first heard about this idea…the idea to actually be social on a social media site, it was hilarious! but when I started to actually re-share some updates, message new friends just to tell them hi, you wouldn’t believe the results that I received from it!

Selling does not start on your blog. It starts with you. Your kindness, your “likes”, and your sharing of others posts. Give and it will be given to you…I think someone smart said that at one time or another, and it’s true. I have had more success with this blog by reaching out to people and making friends, than I have by shutting myself in the back-end of my WordPress dashboard, leering at the next post I was about to publish.

People react when you reach out to them. More than likely, that person is trying to achieve something online. Everyone is. Perhaps you could show them something on your blog that is relevant?

So if you’re going to be social, BE SOCIAL! Don’t halfway do it!

What you are doing is creating a blog that has integrity and reputation with people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to build links and be on the first page of Google, but I would rather have 100 visitors from people that knew me and what I was capable of than to have 1,000 visits from people who didn’t!

Using Facebook Advertising to Excel

I have already touched on this point above briefly, but want to go into more detail with how you can use Facebook advertising to your benefit.

Anyone that has a personal profile can promote a post. When you update your profile on Facebook, you will see “Promote” under the update. This is where you can reach more people.

For $7 you can reach more people with the promoted post. However, when you promote a post using your personal profile, you are only reaching the friends that you have and no one else. PC magazine has called this a tool for jerks, however, the whole point of Facebook is shraring with your friends, so I don’t know what their problem is!

A personal profile advertisement is shown only at the top of your friends feed. A recent study done by TechCrunch shows us that the average post of a user only reaches 12% of their friends so this feature can still help you in that aspect.

Using promoted posts for fan pages

Using Facebook promotion for fan pages actually increases your reach. This not only reaches your friends timeline, but also their friends timeline as well. As of today, you must have 100 “likes” to your fan page to be able to participate in this feature.

The research that I have done on this got me mixed results. Some people were fussing about how this never worked for them. On the other hand, there were others that swore up and down that this was the way to go.

My recommendation for Facebook advertising

Seeing the numbers, you can probably already tell which one is the best for your money. The $10 advertisement just doesn’t reach as many people as it should. I feel that the $5 promotion is the better deal for the money, because every time I did a $5 promoted post, it reached almost as many people as the $10 promoted post.

Don’t waste your money on the $10 ad.

But as you can see below, you can reach a lot of people doing it this way. If you will notice, I have more people talking about my fan page than actual “likes” on my fan page! lol!

In Conclusion

There are many ways that you can boost your social presence on Facebook. These are just a few of the ways that you can bring in more readers and more likes to your fan page. The best thing that you could do for yourself is to become close with your friends and the people that have “liked” your page. In my experience, these people will remember you for that.

One quick tip: Facebook has a tool called “Get Notifications”. This came out in November and is a perfect way to keep your fan page updates in front of the people that have already “liked” you page. Stay in contact with these people and remind them of this feature. you will be surprised at how many people will want to “Get Notifications” from your page if you ask them!

Your Turn:

What do you feel is the best feature on Facebook? How have you improve your social media reach this past year, and what are you going to do to make it better in 2020?