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RE: Crowdsourcing the Future w/Marketing Plan Announcement

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I think giant posts for collaboration will be a great use on Steemit. Imagine hundreds or thousands of activities building on ideas, organising community efforts, etc. So in my opinion, the best way to do this is to have a lively page, meaning new messages automatically update on page just like in chat apps. Not sure if such a thing can be pulled off, but a reactive page is what's needed for flow.

I like the idea of crowdsourcing marketing, and it would be great if the community directs a portion of their daily voting power for grassroots marketing efforts.

That said, it would be great to know what exactly is the bandwidth / resources available from the Steemit Inc team too. I think frequent updates via development blogs and constant interaction with the community will be useful to keep the momentum going. Despite notions of decentralisation and such, it will be nice to have a central on-going discussion / vision that's clear on this website.

Lastly, I think the best focus for any marketing and development would be to emphasise:-

  • Flow (as mentioned earlier, and I think is key for converting already existing chat groups outside of Steemit too - will elaborate this in a post. Also, a Twitter clone is pretty flowy too).
  • Accessibility.
  • Stewardship.

Let's supercharge these.

Edit: and not to forget user retention.. this is a more complex matter as it involves a level of utility, and I hope this will come in time.


Sounds good to me! Yes, the question isn't always "to decentralize or to centralize" but, "when is centralization helpful and when is decentralization helpful." Centralization by FORCE is bad, but if we as a community decide that certain things should be centralized for the sake of efficiency, I don't see a problem with that. That's what we mean when we talk about acting as a "navigator." A navigator is a centralized position, but it's not an AUTHORITY.

Thanks for the insightful comment Kevin!

I would advise people to try thinking up solutions that can be implemented now using the tools at hand while considering that communities are coming relatively soon. TBH solutions that require alteration of the development pipeline are not just unlikely to happen, but not a good idea. is a content sharing platform with a filtering mechanism (stake-weighted upvotes), comments, and new features which will be coming more rapidly going forward. If the existing platform can be leveraged we will be able to move that much faster. Unless, of course, people want to build Steem-based apps that solve these problems, in which case we say, "Steem On!" :)

Perhaps the better question is, will it be too taxing on the network to do so? Not too sure about this.

If it's too taxing for a decentralized network to grow a network for which they derive most of the benefits, then we have a problem.

It's interesting, because this is also a simultaneous test of the incentive mechanisms of Steem. I'm placing my bets on the community.

If it's too taxing for a decentralized network to grow a network for which they derive most of the benefits, then we have a problem.

That's a great way to think about it. And I think it's possible on this network. Would be great to have designers, developers test / build certain prototypes out. But maybe certain parts of the community have been trying this out.. activities around are not always all that apparent :)

Would be interested to know this as well @andrarchy. Interesting thoughts @kevinwong

it needs definitely a dedicated page, or a forum. "Active project/partnership discussion" or something

Ah yes, a forum would be great.. @jesta has been trying that abstraction..

I saw it. Looks practical

If anyone needs a domain I have . I just have a sloppy forum up there right now :)

Yeah I like it too

Surprised to not see any comments from the Steemit marketing team to this top comment...

andrarchy is part of the team..

@kevinwong Thanks for letting me know! Where can I see a list of everyone on the Steemit team?

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