Looking for a Marketing Solution?

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Marketing Built For You:

Do you have a brand, or product you are looking to promote? Do you want your offers being promoted, with proper back links or resources you can use to help engage with the community?

I am a software developer and want to provide marketing as solutions to help other organizations grow. By creating open source content we have long term assets that will gain usage over time, providing continual exposure to our sponsors, along with the other benefits. SEO is another service we offer where Back Links become important to help build your brand authority, and give an entrance point to your services. As an engineer I am building a solution to provide results. By focusing on the leading edge of industry we will gain attention from those interested in the topics, and over time the community will help expose others to the value adding content, if we are working to deliver a product that will exist and continually produce content, that the community will share, and engage with, the marketer in me points and yells "Marketing HERE!".

And why not the end users understand that we have to pay the bills, and there are many organizations like yours looking for reasonable ways to attract new consumers. By hiding your advertisements behind reoccurring content we can build brand awareness and expose the market to your offers expanding your customer acquisition funnel.

Props and preparation will enable us to utilize this tool in attention grabbing ways that we can document and compose into resources your organization can use to help rattle your competitors. The way to stand out is to do the things your competitors are not doing. There are not many competitors in the low cost marketing space, most of them are charging by views, clicks or impressions, not on the value you bring as a customer. Your support not only gets our marketing efforts but also will provide the community with value you caused by recognizing the marketing deal of a life time and wanting to extract the most value from your marketing budget.

Unlike other paid advertisements, you will obtain resources & assets your organization can use while the content generated will always exist pointing to your offers. This provides an ability for your actions today to bring in more customers in the future. Those other firms will always be there, this offer is different and will fill up. We are looking to provide you the assets that can be deployed to other platforms, and ways to improve your SEO while you have direct advertising on the project's platform.

Let me do marketing for you!!!