How to market an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2018

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When a new business or product is developed and launched, people try different things to win over a piece of market share. Spreading out a word about your product is not a piece of cake. Deliberate planning, profound strategies and wright things are when employed right direction, drives customers in with immense sales and profit. We see good projects and campaigns flounder because people promoting and developing them have not put any research on planning the right marketing strategy for them. Keeping this stuff in mind i am trying to put some things in a box that can help people dealing in ICOs to cater good marketing strategies for their products.
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In the year 2017 we saw the rise of bitcoin to its peak but more importantly the it is marked as an "year of ICOs". Lots of ICOs flourished and equal number lost in the storm, even then a total of $5.5 billion was raised through them. Since half of the ICOs are failed the success rate can be marked as figure of merit. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, i went through almost all the ICOs that have launched during that time. My observation draw this simple conclusion that success or failure of an ICO or project is the outcome of the marketing strategy employed with it. Loud and Clear , your projects marketing strategy is the distinction between its success and failure. One can have the best campaign or project on the planet, but without the right marketing tools employed your ICO will certainly fall.
I may not be an expert in this matter but i am sharing some views that can help ICO campaigners to plan their marketing strategies well.
Have you seen any Token, coin or an ICO on popular websites just with a bitcointalk announcement, explorer and a chat board. Yes you do, there are so many. So what are they lacking? good! you guessed it right- a fully functional, elaborate WEBSITE. A website is the founding pillar of any project/ICO marketing strategy. Stronger the foundation, stable will be the structure built on it. An ICO website should be transparent, clear, easy to understand, fully operational. Second thing is the whitepaper which presents the info about your campaign.
The whitepaper should be original, well written and is explained in a way that can be understood easily. A nice and attractive email sign-up for newsletter, updates and future road map is a great way to engage the targeted audience. Another feature is the search engine optimization for the website with rightly placed quality content.
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A complete road map, upcoming events, mission and vision should have to be main attractions right after the release of whitepaper. One of the main feature that builds trust among interested audience is the info about the development team. The development team should have to be responsive, supportive and easy to reach. The more transparency you bring into your project the more trust you build with your community of interested audience.

After building a strong foundation the next step is to spread some word about it through press releases, social media outreaches, coin listings and writing articles about it on different forums. Employing online marketing tools like email marketing, PPC, CPC campaigns are still the best methods. Socializing, building communities, Facebook groups, twitter handles and everything that is available around should have to be employed to get to the audiences.

You have built a great foundation and your word is spread now the real game starts here. Start attending conferences, schedule events, start bounty programs with able managed incentives and rewards program. Time to time airdrops and coin giveaway programs will add value to your project. Those who want to create a sustainable project will surely work on these guidelines. Always remember that you will not get a second chance here. In ICO universe the first impression is the last impression. The failure of nearly half of the ICOs put this sector under radar of regulatory bodies. So in 2018 well regulated and strongly build ICO will not only catch peoples attention and trust but also huge rewards for their developers.

Good luck to all ICO campaigners and Project Developers in 2018.
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as market is volitile condition at this moment investing money or currency in ICO predictable by crypto expert is mot suggestable.


Strong projects will sustain only if they build trust. Some authorities may seem up against bitcoin or digital currencies but everyone wholeheartedly accepted the core block-chain technology. If an ICO stands out firm it will attract people no matter what or where the market goes.


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Update more on this.


Thank you @zaeemsyed. I am researching few more things about this topic. soon i will add some extra things to it which i guess forget to mention.


Your Welcome @digbit, Thanks alot for update. Will be waiting for more upcoming updates

Hopefully we will recover from the market fall and once again be successful in crypto trading.

Marking is most important role in Ico.. But some times scam.. 💱💱