The Importance of Viral Marketing And How it can Help YOU and even Steemit

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Hello Friends!


So let us start this small article by saying:

Steemit is not dead, but rather it is a sleeping giant

...It is true that is is kinda sleeping too much but still...

Now over the years since I joined Steemit I was and still am very happy that it is a way to write something now and earn something from your articles.
Maybe many will say yeah but you have blogspot, wix, wordpress ...etc etc
Yes that would be correct but how you can actually earn something from them?
And again the answer will be adsence , that is just the most known way.
But to add adsence to your account first you need followers to your blog, you need daily views and people that click all the time.If you do not have these things (traffic to your site) then you will not have a adsense account.

But in order for me to explain more let us go little bit more into the story of Google adsence...

What is AdSence?

It is an add platform were adds are placed on a website -blog-youtube and if you are the owner you gain some $ when people click on your adds.

What type of adds are there?

  • feeds - relevant content advertised on feeds
  • search - here you gain 51% of ad revenue
  • mobile- phones, android tablets etc
  • domain - registered domains

Now Like I wrote up you need to have a following and daily views on your site in order to be accepted in the program.
Google is a huge site that has this adsence program, any other program or developer is just crushed or bought like whats up for exaple .
-What s up- was offered a offer by google and they accepted knowing that if they do not accept the $ they will be destroyed....

But how google can destroy a competitor ?

They can make a similar app in 1-2 years and market it until they will drive -what s up into bankruptcy
You can now say that Google is let say like a huge whale and if no other direct competitor exists it will eventually be all that it is ....
That is not good for any business because once all the building , shopping etc is one place only they can just make their own rules and that is truly scary.
So you as a write knowing this can just follow and try to write and put adsence on your site or try to use one of the available competitors:

  • PropellerAds
  • Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • Adversal
  • Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)
  • Skimlinks
  • Monumetric
  • InfoLinks
  • ylliX
  • Evadav
  • PopCash
  • PopAds
  • RevContent
  • Adsterra
  • OIO Publisher
  • SHE Media
  • AdRecover
  • MadAds Media
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adbuff
  • BuySellAds
  • AdClickMedia
    Important note : I do not use this platforms but they exist ...some of them for quite some time

Quite a lot of competitors right?

Most people do not know that are other versions besides Google AdSense and that is because AdSence is in front of everything ...and on the front page of Google.

So now you know that in order to be a writer/blogger you have some options . All of these options come with good parts or bad parts.

Steemit brings a profit almost instant so we cannot ignore this .
Since the very beginning there were people who were making a lot of $ with this platform.
I saw on this platform a girl that made over 30000 SBD (It was more I don't remember exact) on a makeup blog post.
That was early days for Steemit and now things are different .
In that time people started to make you tube channels and blogs about this site witch it was great for this platform

And yet Steemit was value ...

We can say that the fate of Steemit was tied with Bitcoin and we saw when Steem was at one point bigger then 3 $ .
And then it was basically in free fall..


Well let us see some examples...know I must say that this examples are my own opinion :

  • Bitcoin cloud mining scams : there were a lot maybe one that you already are familiar with was Bitconnect scam/ponzi . This scam was so big that even popular Youtubers were talking about it . I mention : H3H3 and Pewdiepie.
    There were a lot more but just that one meme shown by Pewdiepie about bitconnect made so much FUD (Fear uncertainty and doubt)

  • Governments were actively trying to bring BTC down

  • Too many Ico-s . Here normal people were just confused are simply just did not know were to invest or even to invest at all.
    Altcoins were already for quite some time like litecoin, dogecoin, namecoin and others....but with the coming of ethereum the game changed.
    Suddenly big companies started to make their own coins .....most of them were tokens or ICO .
    Lets take Basic Attention Token or BAT for example this was created by one of the Mozilla Firefox creator.
    This is a big name in alt-coin game ....and it was not the only one many others just appeared and started to play in this race, the later one being the founder of Facebook with his Libra coin.

  • And the last reason was changes within the Steemit platform.

Know personally I see Steemit in constant change and change is good in small portions .
Steemit represents for me a place of ideas and experiments and dare I say a home.


Flaggers appears , accounts downvoted to non existence....of course when Bitconnect sunk some names were writers, here on Steemit. One of this creators was Trevon James.
He was promoting Bitconnect and after many videos he suffered the consequences....but this ultimately had shaken this platform.

It was scary for a time as the waves of FUD coming from BTC were touching all the coins and bringing their value down

Attacks on bitcoin more exact groups of people that where inflating the value of a coin at a specific time then basically bringing the coin to non-existence.
That soon was named - pumping coins- again a process that harm bitcoin and the other coins as well.

And finally BOTS
At the beginning bots had no power but had a purpose like @curie for example...and it was fun there were contests there were some missions for some bots....and I dare say that there were amazing ideas.
But then.... many other bots arrived....and we had a promotion platform.
Again at the beginning it was great but ultimately had caused a lot of controversy.
Personally I did not read about this until recent but ....I knew about some people that stopped their bots.
I was unsure until I saw on Steemit you tube channel the creators actually had discussed about the bots.
Just to make it clear I am referring to bid bots only .
That made me to read more and more into the story...and to keep this article short was not good.
When you hear the engineer and creators of the site talking about the bid bots ...I had to listen too..

But what know?

What is happening?

So to recap to use bid bots it is frowned upon and might bring you downvots . Again this had caused a wave in the community.
My opinion is that this wave made this site pass to a difficult time but I think that in the future it will be for the best.
We just need to be patient and continue writing, because this is our dream, this is why we are here from the first place.

But in the same time I think that Steemit needs a little bit of help from us in form of Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing means to market a product trough viral videos.
Now this does not mean spam but rather creative or funny videos. I found that funny videos work best.

How we do this ?

How we market Steemit?

How we market us as a writer here on Steemit?

We can use the platforms that we know to talk about Steemit Without talking about Steemit...
For example I am @cynetyc here and cynetyc on youtube as well and even @cynetyc on tiktok
Kids, pre-teens and teenager dont care about an hour long boring tutorial about this platform, they like what is viral .

Lets take my example I have a youtube channel but it is very small .
In the past I talked alot about Steemit and made from funny videos to educational videos and yes even mining videos .
But like I said up youtube is changing and some of the changes are really scary but even on youtube viral videos still work and I tested them as follows:

This video is from tik tok

Now on tik tok I got 200k views and 13k likes on this video only and it is just a simple funny video that I made ....
I saw online ( in Romania) that people were talking about Dana Budeanu a lady from the fashing world.
More specific she was vicious to a type of men that exist in my country the so called mobsters that become more feminine by the day.
In this clip she is saying if : You know about the men that do not take off the original rapper from the remote control.

Here is the same clip on my youtube channel:

Now I did not want to put it on my youtube channel because that channel was meant for the english speakers....but a friend of mine asked me and so I did it....and Lord behold id got over 800 views even there ....
Now for a channel such as mine that is a lot if you compare it to previous views.

And so I learned a valuable lesson about this, we cannot ignore what is viral.

So my small advise for you my reader is find something funny and bring Steemit into the spotlight once again.

Until then I am Cynetyc and thank you for reading this article!

I wrote some books if you are interesed here are the links:

virus of life for steemit.jpg

You can buy this book on this stores:

Barnes and Noble

Forgotten roots image steemit.jpg

cynetyc 3 years on steemit photo.jpg


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Creo que aumentar el tráfico de Steemit es algo viable pero no lo más importante, se debería tratar de, hacer que los integrantes utilicen más el steem como medio de compra y venta…

I believe that increasing the traffic of Steemit is something viable but not the most important thing, it should be tried, to make the members use more the steem as a means of buying and selling...

Of course this is a very important thing also.

Saludos @cynetyc, al parecer hay suficientes sitios para adaptarnos a ellos… y ese al parecer es el punto a resolver, debemos entender y conocer donde nos sentimos mejor y comenzar a trabajar duro, pero no basta trabajar dura hay que encontrar la manera adecuada y que de resultados, gracias por el enfoque.

Greetings @cynetyc, it seems there are enough places to adapt to them... and that seems to be the point to solve, we must understand and know where we feel better and start working hard, but it is not enough to work hard you have to find the right way and that gives results, thanks for the approach.

Thank you very much @cloris for you kind words!

You are absolutely right sir that Steemit is a sleeping gaint just need to promote it. Steemit is quite better than Facebook, Instagram even Twitter. Our account are safe on steem blockchain. Thanks for sharing the informative article....

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Thank you @masena I was just thinking to give my opinion on this issue. Steemit needs to be in the front lines.

Absolutely greatest post

Thank you @marjana-jannat for reading my small article!

That is valuable article and good work
Thanks @cynetyc
Have a nice day

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Good morning. so great Post My dear friend ❤️.
Upvode and resteemit done

Hola @cynetyc, es bueno saber que hay tantas alternativa adicionales, abra que darles un vistazo para ver que ideas nuevas se pueden implementar aquí en Steemit…
Hi @cynetyc, it's good to know that there are so many additional alternatives, open them up to see what new ideas can be implemented here at Steemit...

Sure do , I will try and test and hopefully do my part in helping this community.

Good great post my dear friend,, thanks you so much 💕 💕

Much appreciated @mdalaminhossin !

As always interesting. Thanks for the good advice. Earning on the Internet is a whole school.

I am glad it was to some use, thank you @magnata!

You are right @cynetyc!
On tiktok you can became viral very easy... first it is a young platform and with 14 to max 1 min videos makes you scroll and discover many other creators...and that generates billions of views on a daily basis.

Yes this platform that has named Musically is now very strong and took the market by force.
I made some funny vids and experimented and I find a way just to talk about small subjects in a fast video.
This can be good for many creators how want to expand and show their creations and a good place to market Steemit!

Un punto de vista bastante aceptable estimado @cynetyc tus aclaraciones abren unas perspectivas nuevas para orientar nuevas estrategias de trabajo, te estoy muy agradecido por este post.

A quite acceptable point of view dear @cynetyc your clarifications open new perspectives to guide new work strategies, I'm very grateful for this post.

Thank you very much @jexus !
I am just trying to help by giving an example from my perspective ...I know that the guys are working behind the scenes to help this site and that is great but let say ...we need a little bit extra ...that something that can make Steemit to be discussed by people. Look for example Dlive...was a platform that started here but it has gone far away from Steem ....and just 2 weeks ago got a huge promotion from pewdiepie when he streamed on their platform.
They understand the viral campaign and do it on a regular basis and becomes a strong competitor.

Yeah viral is the way to go , well done man!

That was a very interesting subject @cynetyc!

steemit can really outperform but its sleeping right now users have to do something big :)

Yeah a viral campaign can be a double edged sword but it can bring many people here.
There is another thing that I did not write in my post and that was about actually bringing people here that have no clue about btc....I said teens and pre-teen writers but I also want to say that not only people interested about crypto should be here.
This is something that can be achieved if the platform becomes more easy to handle....personally I find it very easy to handle....but for a complete beginner it is hard...
I know that we are still in beta and I strongly belive that this specific thing is keeping the site in the current state...stagnating....
Sure he had some forks..and a lot of great ideas ....but non teck people should come here also.
But Steemit needs to be ready... there are many things still that can be abused....
Like the free downvotes....
I am little bit worried by that ....and the fact that it can just be abused was talked by many here on Steemit.
Still I still consider Steemit my place to home!

Yeah , even me I browse around tiktok some of the vids are pretty fun, it can be a good place to market steemit or you as a writer with some viral vids.

Yeah I made some videos there and they went pretty well.

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