⚡It's time to THUNDERCLAP!!! ⚡ - Not satisfied until we get 1000 people to participate.

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Stop what you are doing and click here

If you read this, please, do steemit a favor a resteem this post.

For too long, people have overlooked the steem blockchain. It's time for people to realize how wonderful this technology is..beyond it's use as a social media technology.

@FitzGibbon launched this thunderclap campaign featuring @kyriacos gif...


Now I hope it is not the last thunderclap campaign we will do but for now, it's a very good start!

What is a thunderclap campaign?

Social media is an easy way to say something, but it's a difficult way to be heard. Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks.

Thank You for Resteeming this post!
Let's Get to 1000 Supporters!


How about joining forces with BTS too? A joint effort to market the brother and sister lightening fast low/ zero transaction networks?

This Steem community is truly amazing! I still cannot believe how many people are rallying on this. It's a truly humbling and awe-inspiring thing to behold,

I'm lost for words at the moment, have never seen anything like this before...

Let the Thunder clap, let the world marvel at the power of Steem, let tomorrow the 9th be a truly historic day, let there be STEEM everywhere!!!

Hey @cryptoctopus. We created a tool to convert facebook followers into steemian followers.

Well give you a subscription for free if you want it.

Check it out at https://steemit.com/earthnation/@earthnation/introducing-a-new-steemit-service-auto-syndicate-your-steemit-articles-across-the-internet-automatically-with-gorgeous-post

I remember when ethereum used to be considered the fastest blockchain ever, now it is considered a joke.

Is Ripple the fastest?

this thing is speading fast the clhamydia

The 5th of November would be a good day to do another one.

Already have it set-up and this is exactly what Steem needs over the coming months. With Lightning network and other improvements around the corner an media storm is needed.

Dang this is going up quick. I added my 7 twitter followers to it.
This has been sitting right around 100 clappers for the last few days, so it's increasing fast. Hopefully it will keep speeding up.

Anyone have any idea of how effective these things are?

Steemit is a wonderful, generous, loving, respectful organization. I would like to find it worthy of its widespread and deserved value. Thunderclap will hopefully be successful in this regard. I will do what I have to do.
From the day I first started I already invite my friends, I advise. I hope it will be a much more successful site. We will work together for this ...
The STEEM value rose to $ 8.30. This is an excellent achievement. Nobody says anything about coming in at around $ 6. will increase exponentially. ... @cryptoctopus @jrue

Exactly,I hope acceleration never stops friend ! but the effect topic is confusing my head @jrue @cryptoctopus

@jrue @cryptoctopus Resteemed and upvote this post..Steem is a rapidly developing platform.Especially in the last months of 2017 we could say that it had an explosion.We can understand this because the steem value is $ 8.40.
I hope grows even more.Thanks for sharing this post..

it's flying
steem is serious.
I hope it is more than effective. all together up to the sky

Too bad there isn't a function when I resteemed this post that a huge thunderclap noise would come from my computer. Maybe next time :)

Just yell real loud.

Says someone who apparently didn't read this post at work ;).

Done! Glad to see some heavy hitters getting behind this project.

Resteem done. Steem blockchain is amazing in many ways. Also big thumbs up to @kyriacos for GIF. I saw it like a week ago or something like that and it was mind-blowing.

Actually with my few previous posts I already attached those gifs! Those are the best way to give the information to the entire world! STEEM is the best, but people still not understand the value of it! Okay I am in, let's do this!
I will resteem this post and let's make the thunderclaps!


The thunderclap will be epic...i will be live when it all happens. The whole world needs to hear about steem and it goodness.

Lets keep steeming!! We will get more than 1000


well it is really a good program and a good oppurtunity for all to be make part of thunderclap
and sure we also will be make all of us part of this with our twitter compaign and support it with this lot of sharing also in steemit with resteemd and sure it will cross the 1000 in just some hours with resteemd of everyone
thanx to introduce it with us @cryptoctopus

What he did in great idea to let the world know what is capable Steem I join this voice on Twitter 😃 Stop what you are doing and click here

@FitzGibbon and @kyriacos Excellent campaign idea for steemit about its extraordinary transaction blocks 👏🏻 💪🏻

That is a wonderful idea.

I love seeing the organic campaigns that people are starting. We are seeing many people attack social media in ways that werent done before. It is wonderful.

Personally, I am excited for communities to be implemented. I believe that will be a major game changer on here. It will bring both whales and minnows together putting them around the same area of interest.

Bravo to all involved in this. We are entering a new era for STEEM and this blockchain. Growth is going to happen regardless of what takes place. Each action we take only enhances that outcome.

When it's @taskmaster4450 speaking, better listen!

Yes saw that gif earlier on anyway a facebook page could be setup and let the world know just how fast the steem blockchain transactions is carried out be it 100, 1000, 10000 continue the zero all same 3secs time frame.

Steem to the star no stopping it now and yes this post is a must resteem

I think it will reach 1000 in 1 hour. This platform is more than amazing and of course much bigger! Let's hit 1000 per hour!

As it has value it will show the results quite soon.

But I guess it's the number of transactions that make it slower, but yeah Steem transaction is really fast no doubt, lets hope it stays like this in future when there's a huge traffic using Steem.

Steemit has currently more transactions than any other blockchain, but uses only around 0.3% of it's capacity. This means that we could have 300x as many transactions per second without any problems! See for yourself on Blocktivity.

Well I guess you are wrong here.

Steemit has currently more transactions than any other blockchain.

I guess you forgot transactions from Bitcoin users and other top cryptocurrencies whoz users are in hundred thousands if am not wrong.

Bitcoin's record is at 497,349 transactions per 24 hours, while Steem's is at 1,388,172. Only Ethereum (1,372,918) and Bitshares (1,021,921) are close. You can get these stats for yourself over at Blocktivity.

That is interesting.

You're welcome :)

I hope you are right, @the-future! Only 700 left :)

Well we are living in the technology era and besides the technology speed is also another vital factor in order to succed in crypto world. aren't some of the coins are market just for that ? Thanks for visualizing this I really love the technology behind steem blockchain others should know too.

Lets rock Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Insta and Snapchat together like a boss! Show them we're a community of loving people!


2018 will be the year the world hears about steem! It´s an awesome campaign and I just joined in as well with my new twitter account. It only added a social reach of a few people as I just registered there a few days ago but every single one counts, right ;)

Resteemed and signed up. Was number 315 on the campaign, which always seems to be the number of the hotel room I get when traveling. Probably just confirmation bias, though. Excited to be a part of it.

This is great, I saw that gif when participating on a sndbox infographic contest, you can check my entry here, is not a gift but is a Bice graphic showing some info, you can check it here

So in theory the more people that use Steemit the more valuable Steem and SBD are, correct? Definitely seems like it's in our best interest to get the whole world to join!

Resteemed and in the thunder clap. Excited to see the effects

I love this platform and this technology. We can transfer in just 3 seconds. I think there is no platform in this world which is as faster as steemit.

Resteemed and upvoted.

You're right, but let's also not forget that it's free to transfer here! We have both fast and free transactions, while Bitcoin charges you so much for a transaction that could take hours.

Very well said my friend, It's totally free to transfer here.

Yeah, and I think a lot of people tend to forget that. Free transactions is a huge luxury that we are so used to here on Steemit, but it's a very good argument to get people to try it out!

I am going to be part of this campaign by resteeming it.

Make sure to sign up for the event itself too ;) Every single signup helps!

Love this, upvoted, commented, resteemed!
Steemit is the future of social media in my opinion.

nice post

Wow, the cap is increase by the minute, we are taking the leade, we must be ahead, 1000 is a goal. Steemit on twitter here we go.

Thanks for the share

impressive idea to promote steem blockchain & sharing this big news that it's the best of best. i'm in & share this to whole world. let's bring steem to the moon. lets march to moon @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted & commented & followed

I think 1000 is very less, It will get much much more than 1000. This is an amazing platform.
Congratulations @FitzGibbon for launching such a great campaign. It will be a great success.
Resteemed and Upvoted.

This is some very essential realizations. Steem outputs 1500 trans/sec while BTC only does 7! SEVEN. LEGGO

Our boy breaking world records!

Keep it up mate! @cryptoctopus

Resteemed to make the thunderclap sound louder. The sound it made was beautiful. I wish I could resteem several times so that I could compose a tone of it..... :))

Just seen this now, upvoted and resteemed

Hey there @cryptoctopus, thank you so much for supporting the Thunderclap!! It's going to be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!
Steem to $100!

Resteemed done...

Guys please resteem this post ..upto reach to the more peoples

As you said, I hope it's keeps accelerating. Would this be a big impact on the SBD? @jrue @cryptoctopus

Lets go for it.

great post!!!you are right we should make steemit famous then the bitcion or others!!! thanks for sharing it...@cryptoctopus

Hi sir.. im a newbie in this platform.. and i just realize now how wonderful being here. So many things i have learned here.. most of their article are realy valuable.. like this information of yours.. keep up the good work guys.. looking forward to learn more and more on you.. thank you..

Hey, nice photo and interesting write up. I am following you, can you follow me @xtophercruzeu thanks.

I'm in!
Thunderclap away!

Just have to say that I love that GIF that compares transfer speeds...going to steal that one to show to friends that don't know about the wonders of Steem :).

Thanks for the useful information and great TGA analysis sir.
thanks @cryptoctopus
100% like and resteem

This is interesting! We are all stronger together!

Without doing such widespread publicity, look where steemit has reached and most importantly, HOW QUICKLY it has reached where it is!! Imagine the distance we can go one we start publicly voicing ourselves!!

Do I wish I was in steemit earlier? Hell yes, but as you said in your last post, 5 years from now, there will be people who will wish they were in when at this time!! Steem going to $100 is not unreal at all!!


Let's get the message of steemit out, lets get the people in, we must deliberately make the thunder clap, the clap must increase, everyone on my twitter must join untill it even surpass a million clap.

Brilliant initiative Cryptoctopus!

Upvoted and resteemed :D

Wow! I like the sound of this platform that will give people an outlet to release their opinion together. Ive never heard of such a crowd speaking platform. This sounds really powerful. Upvote and resteem from me for sure and thanks for this amazing post.

You always uploads interesting and important post sir.I also Upvote and resteem your post.Thanks for sharing this post.Upvote and resteem done.

Okay thank you very much.

What!? Reaching a ton of people without something that will create a good first impression, it’s a mistake isn’t it? Alx

ThunderClap! We need people to hear about the awesomeness of this great steemit platform!!

Yeah baby!!! I have joined the thunderclap!!!

I'm a firm believer in the future of steemit! Will do anything including this to show how awesome it is to the world!

really good work of @FitzGibbon and hope this will improve now with this compaign we all support it and go reach it a big digit...to resteemd
sociall media is really an easy way to some thing and difficult to be heard

Well, there's 700 more to go, I guess! I don't really use social media so I can't really contribute, but we've got less than 19 hours until it happens. Do you think it's possible to reach 1000 supporters in that time? Let's see how the "thunderclap" will affect steemit! It's gonna be awesome, I'm sure about it:)

Edit: Lol, actually I joined! Turns out I have over 500 followers on Twitter :D

Steem is a great community that more people should become apart of. Resteemed.

I did not know about thunderclap first thanks for elaborating it.It seems very interesting feature and it must be shared with fellow steemians.
It looks very interesting technology for sure well Resteeming Done @cryptoctopus

Stay Blessed, Steem On

I'm in, and I support it completely. I resteemed this, I want NO ONE to be able to say "I didn't know".

Thanks for helping with your wide audience.

Resteemed and happy to be helping Steemit get more exposure.

I just support the community is indeed a place for everyone

Information is power

I Resteemed! I Upvoted! I love Steemit and the Great Steemit Community! This is my first Resteem! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet about Steemit and the Great Steemit Community! It is so VERY helpful and kind! I'm VERY blessed and honored to be a part of the Steemit Community! Wishing everyone the VERY best of health and happiness! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Blessed 2018 my Friends! TEAM STEEM! :)

Upvote for this wonnderful post i'm new user of steemit i'm looking for developing my self cause i think that steem will reach a great value than value it's now moreover i found steemit as a really wonderful platforme thanks again for the post

@FitzGibbon caught me the other day on discord and I signed up then. This is a great idea and I'm sure it won't be the last.

Resteemed and shared on Twatter.

I join a few days ago, and I hope everyone who reads this post joins as well! If we get enough buzz from this, then it will surely bring a lot of new people to Steemit.

Resteemed it and looking forward to seeing where this leads :D

Thanks for sharing this post.

I am excited about the thunderclap.
Will be interesting what kind of impact a single " campaign" can make and how many new users will join in the next few days.
Already looking forward the first results.

yes, Sir! I'm in.

I fully agree with you.Resteemed

"If you read this, please, do steemit a favor a resteem this post."


for Steemit, bro!!!

i heard the good word about you sir from @jumowa

A cool initiative, it would be great to see also a campaign targeted for ordinary people.

We seriously need to participate in this,I signed up already and even a tutorial today which you can find here.
Let us all register....Go check out my blog for an easy to follow tutorial with images.


thanks for the important info!!

Is this a flash mob in social networks? Great!

Shared from Thunderclap... Done
Resteemed... Done

I believe and support our creators in the community so there is no shame to spread the word... it is the other way around. I am proud to take the steem flag out there :D

I totally jumped on it the second @fitzgibbon told me about it on Discord. It’s an awesome and clever initiative. 300+ joined already hield a reach of 636,000 + on twatter. And we still have a day to go !

Its nice iniative, we need now to do same to facebook and reddit and it need to be a regular initiative like once a week/once, so we will reach more and more people, now internet is better tool to advertise than tv,radio so we need to use it to the fullest! resteemed:) ( btw cryptoctopus you should use more tags on post ,because this post will appear in more categories)

I reached out to Jeranism ay youtube and offered him $1, 000 worth of advertising for him to his 80,000 youtube followers to come over. Lots of ways to skin this cat! I got $5k coming in next freaking 10 days it takes with coin base, I am not happy about that. An easier way to get money in would be good or that could bother people. resteemed! and upvoted and thanks for your upvote on my post,

i love steemit platform i like all post for you it's very helpful
and im happy to see steemit be a huge community
thanks @cryptoctopus

I just joined thunderclap thanks , interesting concept.

We totally support this effort. Bring on the multitude !

Let this message reach to each person on this planet and every where let there be talk about steem only. I have invited my friends to join this platform. Resteemed

Nice post.
That Great.
I wish all of success.

Hello @cryptoctopus, okay have posted on my facebook, resteemed and upvoted this post. Hope we get 1,000 supporters soon. Best wishes for the new year. :)

@cryptoctopus - Sir to enhance the power of STEEM & the power of STEEMIT community, I'll join any kind of program Sir... This theme is powerful & they got nice animations to show the world how powerful we are... Therefore, I'm in Sir... I'm going to join the community of the Twitter as well... nice you decided to share this Sir... Very useful information for all of us... (True lovers of STEEMIT & STEEM block chain)...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Resteemd and supported.

Resteemed without hesitation! Hope it helps!

Resteemed immediately

f you read this, please, do steemit a favor a resteem this post.

I will not only resteem: I am going to blast through Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Networks.

I already saw the lightning, next thunderclap is not far. Thunderstorm ⚠ steemitstorm

Done resteeming

I just supported with my facebook account and it's really a great way to boost the steem blockchain

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