⚡It's time to THUNDERCLAP!!! ⚡ - Not satisfied until we get 1000 people to participate.

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Stop what you are doing and click here

If you read this, please, do steemit a favor a resteem this post.

For too long, people have overlooked the steem blockchain. It's time for people to realize how wonderful this technology is..beyond it's use as a social media technology.

@FitzGibbon launched this thunderclap campaign featuring @kyriacos gif...


Now I hope it is not the last thunderclap campaign we will do but for now, it's a very good start!

What is a thunderclap campaign?

Social media is an easy way to say something, but it's a difficult way to be heard. Thunderclap is the first-ever crowdspeaking platform that helps people be heard by saying something together. It allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, so it rises above the noise of your social networks.

Thank You for Resteeming this post!
Let's Get to 1000 Supporters!


How about joining forces with BTS too? A joint effort to market the brother and sister lightening fast low/ zero transaction networks?

This Steem community is truly amazing! I still cannot believe how many people are rallying on this. It's a truly humbling and awe-inspiring thing to behold,

I'm lost for words at the moment, have never seen anything like this before...

Let the Thunder clap, let the world marvel at the power of Steem, let tomorrow the 9th be a truly historic day, let there be STEEM everywhere!!!

Hey @cryptoctopus. We created a tool to convert facebook followers into steemian followers.

Well give you a subscription for free if you want it.

Check it out at https://steemit.com/earthnation/@earthnation/introducing-a-new-steemit-service-auto-syndicate-your-steemit-articles-across-the-internet-automatically-with-gorgeous-post

I remember when ethereum used to be considered the fastest blockchain ever, now it is considered a joke.

Is Ripple the fastest?

this thing is speading fast the clhamydia

The 5th of November would be a good day to do another one.

Already have it set-up and this is exactly what Steem needs over the coming months. With Lightning network and other improvements around the corner an media storm is needed.

Dang this is going up quick. I added my 7 twitter followers to it.
This has been sitting right around 100 clappers for the last few days, so it's increasing fast. Hopefully it will keep speeding up.

Anyone have any idea of how effective these things are?

Steemit is a wonderful, generous, loving, respectful organization. I would like to find it worthy of its widespread and deserved value. Thunderclap will hopefully be successful in this regard. I will do what I have to do.
From the day I first started I already invite my friends, I advise. I hope it will be a much more successful site. We will work together for this ...
The STEEM value rose to $ 8.30. This is an excellent achievement. Nobody says anything about coming in at around $ 6. will increase exponentially. ... @cryptoctopus @jrue

Exactly,I hope acceleration never stops friend ! but the effect topic is confusing my head @jrue @cryptoctopus

@jrue @cryptoctopus Resteemed and upvote this post..Steem is a rapidly developing platform.Especially in the last months of 2017 we could say that it had an explosion.We can understand this because the steem value is $ 8.40.
I hope grows even more.Thanks for sharing this post..

it's flying
steem is serious.
I hope it is more than effective. all together up to the sky

Too bad there isn't a function when I resteemed this post that a huge thunderclap noise would come from my computer. Maybe next time :)

Just yell real loud.

Says someone who apparently didn't read this post at work ;).

Done! Glad to see some heavy hitters getting behind this project.

Resteem done. Steem blockchain is amazing in many ways. Also big thumbs up to @kyriacos for GIF. I saw it like a week ago or something like that and it was mind-blowing.

Actually with my few previous posts I already attached those gifs! Those are the best way to give the information to the entire world! STEEM is the best, but people still not understand the value of it! Okay I am in, let's do this!
I will resteem this post and let's make the thunderclaps!


The thunderclap will be epic...i will be live when it all happens. The whole world needs to hear about steem and it goodness.

Lets keep steeming!! We will get more than 1000


well it is really a good program and a good oppurtunity for all to be make part of thunderclap
and sure we also will be make all of us part of this with our twitter compaign and support it with this lot of sharing also in steemit with resteemd and sure it will cross the 1000 in just some hours with resteemd of everyone
thanx to introduce it with us @cryptoctopus

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