Still such update is better than silence ☺️

i don't agree, silence is better than getting me all excited for a huge let down

Manage your emotions.

That is certainly not our intention. We are developing a system and trying to be as transparent as possible while gathering feedback from the community as we go. Change takes time and rushing to implement something that is imperfect and not a collaborative effort with the community is not a move in the right direction. We welcome any suggestions from the community that will help us accelerate the development of our system, because right now we're all working every day at maximum bandwidth.

I will be excited when you guys deliver something beyond words, until then these marketing updates seems like all a big waste of my time, and to think you are getting paid for this does not jive well either. Your videos would be better if you were looking at the camera lens more, reading is robotic

I appreciate your perspective and it's a reasonable one. We plan to deliver. Stay tuned.

thank you very much, I appreciate your time and attention

He is a day trader what does he know about communities. Don't worry keep chugging along.

They need to start about you give them a chance? Or are you the arbiter of truth and value?

I have no choice but to give them a chance, and a kick in the ass to get things going in the right direction

No choice? What on earth do you mean? What gives you the right to kick anyone in the ass? Do these guys owe you anything? They've had five frikin minutes, how about give them a chance?!

Suddenly steemit is full of marketing experts. I call BULLSHIT on every fucker who isn't being supportive and helpful. Anything that is not constructive is destructive and counter-productive. Give them a dam chance!

steem locked up in steem power = no choice
right to kick in the ass = crowd sourceing, and I'm in the crowd

Power down if you don't like it = You have a choice. Seeking support from the community is in the community's interest which does not equal the right for people to be counter-productive or kick anyone.

by the time I finish powering down, marketing will already be well on its way to great success, so I have no choice but to wait for them to get it going over the next 4 weeks, they asked for steemians opinion, and I kept it real instead pandering and blowjobs

well said @benjojo - let us give them the time, trust and support

It would have worked better if he had an ear piece.

I can understand why craig-grant said so, but to be honest... this is way better than it used to be. I appreciate every move that tries to bring higher transparency.

Only results matter. Words are just words until there are results to show. Demand results because they are being paid to produce results.

Thanks, this is really all we were trying to accomplish. I agree with users who want results, but I don't think that's mutually exclusive to adding transparency through increased communication, a/k/a "words."

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