Creating Elite Players: Newsletter Day 34

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I had two calls from concerned friends today. One wanted to let me know that he was willing to support me should things go awry. The other sensed that, based on my lack of responsiveness, I was likely going through something. Incredibly, she's trying to set me up with financial opportunities.

I keep asking myself what this ridiculous journey is supposed to amount to. The term that keeps coming to me, even though I don't totally understand it, is disciplined breakdown. Yes, the title of Collective Soul's third studio album, which was recorded as they were enduring a long lawsuit with former management. I haven't connected the dots on that one. It's probably going to require more reflection.

It will all make better sense in retrospect, I suppose, but about the only macro lesson I can seem to glean from this unfolding (and it's not a bad one), is that I need to lean on people more. Life has forced me to become self-reliant in many ways, and I don't trust people easily. I don't know if that will ever change, but I do know that I could leave more room for others to be a contribution to me.

Marketing Activity

  • Responded to eight emails
  • Responded to two Medium comments
  • Scheduled six Music Entrepreneur HQ posts
  • Shared two Click to Tweets
  • Repurposed a podcast episode for YouTube
  • Wrote and published this post


  • It seems as though I might not be totally out of the woods yet. The hardest part is surely over, but some of the key challenges remain. I still haven't nailed down a suite or an apartment.
  • Periods of reflection and re-evaluation are not only normal but necessary. It's human nature to assign meaning to everything, especially when we appear to be going through life transitions. If it's all made up, though, we might as well make up something good.

Cutting Back

I'm in the midst of cutting back on roughly $200 of monthly business expenses. Once I've moved my email list over to a new ESP, I will be able to shave off another $40 or so. In the immediate future, I'm going to keep looking for opportunities to add income and cut back on expenses.

It's not as though I'm in a desperate situation. The fact that I'm looking to save a bit of money right now doesn't need to mean anything.

But I do know well that others are concerned for me, and I must admit that I don't enjoy continually throwing resources at a money pit.

Until I figure out where I'm going to be living, as well as what I'm going to be doing in the future (whether a minor pivot or a major overhaul), I may as well cut back on some expenses to relieve some pressure.

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