MarketFriday – The second floor of the new shopping center

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Hi, Steemit!!!

  Today is #MarketFriday!!!

Today we walk through the second floor of a new shopping center. For this we need to go up the escalator.



I like the design of these white pillars. Below is a cafe where there are a lot of people - people in Israel love to spend time in a cafe for a pleasant conversation.


We climbed to the second floor and there .... nothing! ))))) Only one cafe with ice cream.




The whole floor is closed and blocked, it is not allowed to walk there.


At least we were able to appreciate the cheerful design of the walls))))



  **Have a nice Friday !!!**


#MarketFriday by @dswigle


Great pics. The pastel seems on trend. Where is it ?

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Howdy again tali72! wow that place is beautiful! But it's so new that no all the stores are in there yet?

Oh!!! What a delightful mall this is turning out to be! I cannot believe the pretty pastels on the walls. It makes everything so soft and peaceful to the eyes (and the brain)

I think that it is a world-wide pleasure, people sitting and chatting over a cup of coffee. There is something about making the time in my day to do this with friends.

The columns are so cool looking! And different! What an upscale mall this is. Thank you so much.

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