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Have a nice day! Today I decided to show you handmade toys. Some of them were crocheted, others were made of ordinary materials, but all were very funny and warm.



The dolls were very different. In bright clothes and fancy accessories :-)


In the Kuban rag dolls used to be in every house.

After all, the doll always talks about the traditions of the people, nurtures kindness, love and compassion, teaches us to understand the other person's feelings, his inner world.

In our Kuban dolls coded vital information, and the key to this "code" are universal values: procreation, health, love, life. I have no doubt that the doll is an expression of human knowledge about the culture and life of a people and its place in this world.


In the Kuban, such dolls were made for any reason: there were dolls for good luck, well-being, success and wealth. Some did on big Christian holidays such as Maslenitsa or Easter.




At such fairs you can see a lot of other interesting Souvenirs. Choose a good bag handmade.


Pick up and such a beautiful and bright umbrella from the sun. In our area you will definitely need it :-)


I love to view and decorate. What just does not happen here: beads, necklaces, earrings, bracelets for every taste.


  • Have a wonderful Friday everyone and if you have some interesting market-related photos, go ahead and submit them in the #MarketFriday tag and link to your article in the Express post by @dswigle.

The atmosphere at these fairs is pretty fun. Animators and funny buffoons go everywhere. You can see a lot of interesting figures from the usual hay and straw. How do you like the hare with long ears and beautiful bangs :-)


There are many beautiful photo zones.


But now, as always the flowers. Flowers for us have become a decoration of any event!
These beautiful rhododendrons grow in the Krasnodar region.


Yes and these superb flowers think many of you, too, will like :-)


I hope you liked my photos. Come to Kuban, we are always happy to welcome guests!

Thank you for Your attention and visit. I appreciate Your feedback and comments. I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes,

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Such a beautiful collection of dolls and toys, Svetlana!

My favourites are the ones in this bunch:


Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks )

  ·  7 months ago (edited)

Вау!!!! Какие зонты!!! От солнца они, конечно, не спасут )))) , но я носила бы их как потрясающий аксессуар! :) Сумки тоже очень красивые (хотя я абсолютно равнодушна к сумкам) . Это ткань или бисер? Ха ха ))))) заяц потрясающий!!!! ;))))) У нас тоже растут ирисы, что у тебя на последней фотке :)

Их расшивают вручную и бисером и просто нитками...

а вот на последней фотографии канны садовые :-)
Ирисы тоже есть , но их приберегла на следующий пост )


Ирисы должны быть очень красивые! :)

Разные были )


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I love when you go to these Folk Art Fair events and show off the handmade toys. The crocheted ones are adorable and even the ones made of material are sure to bring joy to some little girl's heart. I love the elephant! What a perfect little baby gift in the pink and blue. The rag dolls or something that my mother remembers as being a toy that everyone had when she was growing up. I absolutely agree that dolls Foster love and compassion and teaches us to understand many things in life. I have seen the Kuban dolls, but to be honest with you I did not know that they were coded with information. Of course it makes much sense and I'm sure they were a well-received gift. They are made with such bright happy Fabrics and I am sure I would have left one of those when I was growing up.

I actually love my leather handbags as opposed to the fabric ones, but the fabric ones are very popular and I really do like those umbrellas and we do not sell them here, or at least I'm not familiar with any place that does. Even in the very hot hot climates.

Necklaces and everything else that are sure to make you look more well put together. I imagine that the atmosphere is fun. How can you not have fun at a place like that? And yes! You give me the most beautiful flowers! Thank you so much for your always and forever wonderful posts. I apologize for my late reply but I up voted and steamed it on the first day.

Thank you for your time and your patience! And as always, I want you to have a most wonderful day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and steemed


I myself saw your wonderful comment, dear Denise just now.
I was on vacation at sea!

Thank you very much for your attention!

I am so happy you were on vacation! I love taking one on the sea! My favorite place! :) Your posts are always delightful! Thank YOU!

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