Market Friday at the Dollar store

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Hello Lovely Friends

Dollar store is my favourite good to go when buying art materials. It’s cheap and lots of options for designs. You can buy them in bulk in a fraction of price.

Please Come with me and see what’s in the Dollar store.

The first thing caught my attention is this Basket box with soft toy. It looks so cute!


And some Heart cushions which i think was from last valentine’s.


Beautiful figurines on display.......


This figurine shows the traditional attire for Emarati ladies.


Tea lamps and candles…..


And more pictures........


Oh, how i love this bowls with moroccan like design. Beautiful and elegant.


I found this beautiful bird house made from natural materials from twigs and dried leaves.


And lastly, This very cute unicorn and flower headband for little girls.


So this is my #marketfriday by @dswigle. I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Thank you for coming along with me.

Happy Friday! So long.



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Your Dollar store has much more interesting things than ours.

Is it? Thank you then, i willshow more pics next time. Thanks for coming with me. happy Easter to you!

Happy Easter to you too.

How wonderful! I just love the dollar store and the only thing I have against it is they are no longer $1. There are stores that actually are and I think one of them is called Dollar Tree and everything in there is $1. So when I go into the dollar store and something is 1499, I'm a little disappointed but I understand how things go up and it would not do well to call it the 1499 store. LOL

Thank you for showing me some fine examples of what you can buy in the store and they really do have quite the variety, don't they? I want to thank you for taking the time and the effort to do the photographing and for putting together a post. Has always I wish you a very pleasant evening!

#MarketFriday loves you

Upped and steemed


Yes, prices varies now, most of the stuff is not a price of $1, though lots of products to choose from. And funny thing is the shop called "Two Dirhams shop" that means $0.50

Thank you so much for this wonderful initiative. Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Blessings!

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