Off To The Flea Market Again!!

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We went to the pinery antique again. I found the first tape I ever owned, Beastie Boys, License To Ill. It wasn't for sale though ahhhh11.. I was 7 years old when I first owned it, I used to walk around to steets with a boom box at my ears blaring this..


I also saw a old school nintendo with a bunch of games!!


And I also saw this board game, I remember when I was a kid all the girls played this. Does anyone remember this one!!


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Oh, you really pulled some blasts from the past out of that flea market again! I love when we go there!

I will say that in somewhere in my storage room, there are several big bins with Nintendo Games in them. Believe it or not, they were given to me long after they went out of vogue and for some reason, I never got rid of them.

My cousin had one of the dating games, I wasn't allowed to play as it was too mature for me. I laugh now. Oh, so innocent.

Beastie Boys!! You are dating yourself now. We better check you for an expiration date! LOL Just kidding!

Thanks for always bringing me a fun post for MarketFriday! You are hilarious!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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What a cool and colorful post, I was quite a bit older when that album came out is all I will say LOL

Its really colorful photography Of to the Flea Market again.

Nice walk down memory lane, Shaun.

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