Gay Lea Teeswater Country Store For Market Friday

in #marketfriday2 years ago


We went down to the booming place of Teeswater To check out the store attached to the creamery!!
SO lets go in.


They had all sorts of nick nacks there!

Some milk.


Some cheese.


They had this nice bench too, but is was way to much money, it was $400.


There was even a restaurant there too, but the customers there were giving us dirty looks so we left.
#marketfriday was initiated by @dswigle


I usually love stores that are attached to creameries or ice cream stores... They tend to have cool things in them and a bunch of really touristy things. I, however really love the bench and wouldn't mind taking it home with me!

Of course, you have first dibs on it! :)

Thank you so much Shaun, for taking the time and effort to put together a post for #MarketFriday!

Upped and Steemed

Bench looks awesome...too bad it’s so pricey. I would have bought some cheese. 😊 U&R

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