MarketFriday!! Jolyt Fees

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Market Friday!! Jolyt Fees

This is my first contribution in a very long time for the #marketfriday initiative as hosted by @dswigle

Loosely translated "Jolyt Fees" means Merry Festival!! This Festival was held by the Reformed Church in Delmas, which is a small farming town about 72km from Pretoria, where I live.
The reason I attended, was because a part of the function was to raise funds for a young boy of 11 who has Gorlin Goltz Syndrome, which is a very rare form of cancer, with only one doctor in South Africa that treat this, and he is situated in Cape Town, roughly 1500 km away!!

I belong to a classic VW Beetle group and we had an out-ride to the church as part of the fund raising!! (The red one is my 1968 VW Fastback)

As with most church festivals, they also had a small market going to raise funds - this was mostly food, which was great as we left home early, with out eating breakfast!!
They had a nice tea garden going, with some nice treats to eat and various hot and cold drinks to drink!!
They also had a pudding table with various puddings you could mix and match, I like the look of this colorful pudding!!
Below you can see the result of my mixing and matching!! Delicious!!
They also had a few other stalls selling some goods and books, with some jumping castles for the kids.
There were also some stalls inside the hall, selling hot foods and pancakes!!
I loved this guy's classic decorations to go with the car!! It just looks amazing!!
Being a small town, there were only a few people in attendance, thus the approximately 10 VW Beetles, boosted their numbers and sales a bit.

We enjoyed the ride and day a lot and helped to contribute to a good cause!!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I enjoyed writing it!!

All photos were taken by me, in Delmas, South Africa, using my iPhone

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I like and respect your intention to go there! It's pretty great thought and I see you got a wonderful experience at that marketplace! Delicious foods and that car, honestly I didn't think a car can bed used as that! Nice photography as well!


Thank you so much, yes it was a great day and for a good cause!!

I loved this post and the all the little VW's - and the food!!! That was yummy looking! What a great time and it doesn't matter that there were a few, a little at a time and maybe there will be enough for him.

I applaud your effort in trying to get this young man to CapeTown. My heart breaks for the unfortunate situation.

Thank you for the wonderful post and for being part of #MarketFriday!

#MarketFriday loves you!

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Thank you so much for the nice comment and the 10 Steem, I will pay it over into their fund account.

Thank you so much! It was the easiest way to do it!

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Thank you

Amazing day for a good cause..of course the Beetle is the cherry on the top :)

Agreed, thank you for the nice comment.

That Old School VW is a unique classic and I'm sure it must be very valuable @rynow The fund raiser was for a very good cause and I hope that that young boy was able to receive benefit of some kind ad a result. Anything to take his mind off the illness is a positive.

Thank you for the very nice comment, the old VW is not very valuable, currently the value is about the same as a new entry level car, which is actually amazing if you think it was a cheap car when it was new.

You're there for a good cause, I respect that. And the food looks great too. I think you enjoyed a lot seeing the "artwork" of others as well.

Have a great day ahead, @rynow.

Yes, it was a very enjoyable day!!

that looks like such a fun event to go to, and I do love all the VWs but especially that last one its so cool all that has been added to it

Yes, I enjoyed it a lot, and I love these old cars and to go on a trip with mine.

yours does look pretty cool as well I forgot to say that

Thank you

Most welcome
I hope you had a good weekend

That seems like a really cool day to experience wow beautiful shots in too :D

Yes, it was a great day out.

Wow really enjoy it. its great photography . amazing car wonderful

Thank you so much, I really love that old VW!!

Cool car, I've never seen that model VW before very interesting.

Looks like you had a good turn out for a good cause.

I never got to that part of the country but loved the western cape where we lived for almost 8 years.

I love South Africa and always felt at home there.

It is gods own country. 👍

I agree, South Africa is a great country, and we loved the day out with the old cars!!

hmm... first marketfriday? :-)

... in a long time - I did a few a long time ago. Thanks for the visit!!