Well I have to admit thats how I first solved the missing sock issue buying multiple pairs of black socks, but when I stopped wearing a tie to work I had to make some sort of statement so mismatching colorful socks it was :)

Great, as I am still stuck on multiple pairs of black socks.
It will look strange if I walked into the pulpit wearing psychedelic socks my friend, as preaching is a serious business Lol
People will concentrate more on my socks than the message hahaha

Hahaha, maybe I must start a new fad for the sing song preachers, as it will keep their parishioners awake during their sermons Lol.

You never know people may come not just for the sermon but to see what socks you have on LOL


Hahaha, instead of worshiping Lol.
Sad world that we live in.