The "magic street" - Market Friday

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The "magic street" of Dominican Republic, or rather Santo Domingo is a combination of high quality and uniqueness.

Each hand-painted painting is carried out by experienced painters for an individual customer's order. Thanks to the unique style of the artist's brush strokes, painted paintings acquire a unique character. Unique ornaments for the apartment or office, hand-painted canvas paintings are the perfect complement to the arrangement of any interior.

Come with me on the colorful streets of Dominican Republic and admire the magical streets full of inspiration.



Today is #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise, of course!).





I love that kind of art, I'm sure I could find something to buy for myself. Well done dear Greg! Have a nice weekend 😊

I bet you would buy something :) Thank you my friend. Greetings

You're right, I definitely would :) Have a nice weekend Greg!

Thank you :)

Same to you

the street simply looks amazing great to check this out :D

It's great to walk along a street full of diverse paintings. It's exciting. Thank you

Its heaven for art lovers . its great.

Yes, indeed. Thank you

You are welcome sir!
And thank you too!

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Beautiful street arts! So colourful and creative work!

Indeed :) I love it

Your post was a wonderful piece for #MarketFriday. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort of putting it together. You have helped to make the challenge a true success. Thank you so much!

Upped and steemed.

Thank you for your words, the pleasure is all mine :)

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