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With all my new resistance to challenges, (which, I think, will help me to look for my own themes for blogs) today I will post in #MarketFriday proposed and led by Denise, meaning @dswigle.

I have been a faithful participant in this challenge for more than a year and I must admit that this has helped me a lot to evolve here. I have benefited, like all other participants, from Denise's constant support, and for that I thank now. That's why I'm going to participate again today. I tried to find, within this theme, unusual and sometimes unexpected topics. I'm still trying ...

Today about my virtual market. I'll just buy from my phone. Not with my phone ... from my phone! From the market called Google Play!


I'm talking about some of the apps I use from Google Play because my phone is Android. I ask IOS users to forgive me and I think they will find the same applications in IOS Apps.

I'm in love with my applications that I use daily. I am happy to live in these moments when I have access to it. I will present some of the most used.

I like the movie a lot and the next apps help me a lot in this hobby.





This application is not free but the cost per month is very low. In return for that small sum, I can watch hundreds of movies and series at any time of the day and night. Obviously I do not have time to see as much as I want.




This is somewhat free for me because I'm subscribed to the cable company at HBO. Another extraordinary and enormous source of movies, series, documentaries and concerts. I'm following him alongside Netflix and so, I regret that I do not have enough time to watch more.

Now I'm going to my next passion, music. I am absolutely delighted with this application that brings to me, at all times, all the music of the world. Old and new music, all genres of music ... from classical to folkloric. I also pay a fee, not big, to get the maximum possible. It can also be installed free and is extremely useful. I warmly recommend everyone to try this app, the music lovers will be delighted.






It's a great app, I use it every day.

Also in the audiovisual and art area is the next free application this time.





That is the application of the European culture channel Arte. Movies, documentaries, classical and modern music and many more. For art lovers is a must have.

Now I will leave the entertainment and pleasure area and introduce two other applications that I use very often ...

eSteem Mobile

I use this app every day. For a while I ignored it because it was difficult to use the smartphone instead of the laptop. As a mature man, almost old, I prefer to use my laptop in internet activities because it is bigger and it is more convenient to write or post photos. When I had a problem with my laptop I had to use the smartphone and this application to post and work on Steemit. Slowly, I was conquered by the greater possibilities and freedoms that this application can bring. Now I use it daily, of course.







Of course I strongly recommend using this @good-karma new application through @eSteemApp. There are plenty of facilities that make life very enjoyable in Steemit thanks to eSteem Mobile! Check eSteem Mobile for iOS and Android with push notifications, bookmarks, favorites and other handy functions synced with desktop version.

At the end I want to remember another very useful application for me, especially after I had an accident and I was moving harder. Not available in all countries and cities, so I do not know if you can use it.


A different taxi. I have an account on the site and attached the credit card where my money is automatically withdrawn for my travels. I can call a taxi anywhere because my GPS position is detected. When I request the car I already know how much my race will cost and I can refuse if I do not like it. Everything is fast, clean and civilized. I am very pleased with this application.



These are some of the applications in my virtual market. If you find something useful then you can download the application to try it out.

Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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Your post is so in-time! I am also music and movie fan. I will look closer at the apps you mentioned.

I installed eSteem app recently, and also enjoy using it. I also have it desktop version for Win and Linux. Can't find how to save draft in Android ver. The button is always i active. Can you?

Mine is always active too! Pffft! Maybe Dan can answer. I would like to know why myself. I thought I was doing something wrong! LOL

This was an absolutely fabulous post, Dan! @bluemoon

I can understand the resistance for new challenges because it is hard to break out of the mold once you get into a pattern. So for a time, with the exception of my own challenge I had to stop doing them and put only my own work not tying it to any challenge. In some ways that help me grow and in some ways I felt like I was abandoning my friends. You have, of course been a faithful participant and your posts are always very amazing and very well detailed and A Cut Above.

I am happy to say that I have enjoyed the market Friday Challenge, and perhaps many are disappointed that is not a contest with a clear winner, because I have trouble choosing a winner when most people put forth such an effort to be a part of it. Although oh, it has been my experience that people like to win money, so I may be wrong in my thinking after all.

Despite you thinking that I like unusual topics or unexpected ones, many people do not have that available to them and so I enjoy each and everyone that comes in. I do like your virtual Market because, believe it or not you have taught me quite a few things by looking at it. I also use Google Play and I do not use the movies because it's available in the house, but, it would be a very nice tool when I am out and I have time on my hands.

I have tried esteem but I think that I have not given it the same chance that you gave it and have fallen back to busy. After seeing how well you post from it, perhaps it's time for me to take another chance at it. I do use Spotify a lot has who can leave home without their music! I had no idea about the feature with the notification of your daily top user and that is a plus. I'm glad to see that I replied to your post thank God.

I actually believed that Uber was started here in the United States and we also have another one called Lyft, which is the same idea as Uber. I liked the idea that the GPS detects you and I like the fact that you can get your cost. Also here in the states and I am not sure if it's there, when you agree tooth price, they send you a picture of your driver and his license plate. This is all for your own safety and I really like that.

This was, a most amazing and outstanding post and I think you for posting it into the market Friday challenge. This is exactly the kind of thing that is both different and helpful to so many. Thank you for teaching me a couple things today and thank you for going that extra mile, yet again to make an exceptional post.

As always a wonderful weekend to you and thank you for taking the time and effort to post into Market Friday.

#MarketFriday loves you!

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