A fast dash down the road to the shops

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Given the fact that we were in self-isolation these days market days need to be short and sweet. I had a couple of jobs to be done, paper serviettes at Gone Bonkers, a lottery ticket at the newsagents for the $80 million draw, the food essentials - milk, bread, fish and bananas the supermarket and post away a package for a friend in a little country town.

Not surprisingly the little shopping centre was quiet so it was easy to follow the 'social distance rule.' My intention was to be quick, definitely not the usual leisurely #marketFriday stroll. There was definitely no drop into a coffee shop, they are all closed.





It is a meagre #marketFriday post @dswigle but I wanted to keep the flag flying.

Cheers and Blessings




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This is great! Are you serious? I ended up posting a Kite Festival I went to last year! I need to find something better for next week! And I got to see the inside of a store!!! Yay! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!

Thank you so much!

Thank you for being part of the challenge!!! Can I ask you to link your post here?

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Upped and steemed


Hi @dswigle, thank you for your positive support and encouragement. Shopping is a favourite activity of mine too.

My pleasure!

lol...things are sure different there. Over here shopping is still crazy with traffic jams, crowded stores and parking lots, the highways and streets are jammed with cars and especially trucks.

I think everyone is using their time off work to be out and about!

What are paper serviettes? I love that name: Gone Bonkers! lol...that describes alot of people these days.