BTC suffering under $1000, Dash over $100 again.

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63 in market

Poloniex seems to be getting hacked so that may have something to do with the sudden price change of Bitcoin, though I'm not surprised about Dash anymore.


Update: The attack appears to be under control now

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Let's wait for the whole markets total crash! It will happen… soon or later.

Does it exist a market of markets as it exists a net of nets (called Internet)? Going to find out right now, though I've no idea if an intermarket is meaningful — or already existing, e.g. maybe it's the trading between nations?

  ·  last month

I guess the market of markets is reality, which will make sure to inform everyone at some point what the difference between a want and a need is. A lot of people tell me they don't need crypto, until someone breaks into their house and steal everything they have or worse, they get screwed over by banks and then you are really not getting your stuff back.