as expected the war to the top 5 list is still up

in market •  7 months ago

Hello dear friends , just 4 days ago i have published a post under the title of "The Crypto Market Cap War: The Top 5 Game" where i have explained my point of view about LTC, EOS and Cardano cryptocurrencies and i mentioned my expectation about what will happen and yes i was right.

Talking about who will be in the top 5 list

1)- Litecoin founders will not let that happen easily and they will invest in LTC so the prices will go up and we will see that in the near future.

2)- EOS infrastructure is very strong we must admit that, @dan have the money to invest in and also he succeeded to bring some good investors to the game too so it is just a matter of time ;).

you can check the post from the link below:

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