Cryptocurrency market taking a break! Stop Refreshing the page!

in market •  last year 

I know it is hard to see the market down, believe me I don't like it either. It is my full time job and when things are slow , what can we do? I like to study past graphs and learn more about daily trading. I watch videos and I try to find the next best currency, I study the ICOs. There is no reason to refresh the page and hope that Bitcoin will go to the moon and bring all the Altcoins. If you are invested in good coins there is no need to fear. For example Vechain took a hit and I'm really invested in Ven but I believe it will go back to its high value. Another coin is Tron ( I know all the FUD but I still believe in it), ICX and Neo...Just relax and stop the refreshing button. Try to learn more and educate yourself in this new world of cryptocurrency.

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