Market correction #3

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Investing in cryptocurrencies reflects the investor's opinion that in the future the cryptocurrency will be a functional means of payment. It's that simple. How can the future of cryptocurrencies be predicted? Let's have a look at it.

Nothing has changed since I’ve posted my first article. Because nobody buys coins these tough days, let's think about future of cryptocurrencies. And I won’t be pessimistic although I’ve suffered the big losses, probably comparable with your losses so I probably know how do you feel. The most important is the paragraph written in bold. It’s like Lord's Prayer for Christians.

The best platform for cryptotrading is Binance!

Will be bitcoin a functional means of payment? It’s used for payments around the whole world (even in China although there’re restrictions). People always will find a way to use bitcoin even if it’s restricted. In developed countries, some people argue that bitcoin is unusable for common payments because of its transaction fees and slow payment processing. But behind bitcoin is huge community improving bitcoin every single day. And there are companies working on the lightning network which will speed up transactions and payments will become cheaper.

Will be Streamr (DATAcoin) a functional means of payment? What’s changed since I’ve published my article about DATAcoin? Have you heard about Zipper? It‘s ethereum-based mobile platform, which recently announced a partnership with Streamr, aims to develop a dedicated blockchain smartphone solution for the easy and secure use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications, right out of the box. But nobody hears good news because of this tough times. And they’ve announced that Data Marketplace will be delivered before the end of 2018. Great news! But nobody's listening.

I don’t want to write about more crypto coins in this article. I just wanted to point out that everybody is in panic, don’t listening to a good news. Crypto traders are mostly like (no offense) animals – everybody asks (e.g. Quora, Steemit, Reddit): Will bitcoin reach 20k (15k, 10k) again? Should I invest in bitcoin (EHT, NEO, XMR,…whatever)? Ok, gain some experience by asking skilled crypto traders is great, but it’s good to read whitepaper as well…

So what to say at the end? This time I’d be careful. It could be a great time to buy discounted crypto coins but in my mind, 8800USD/BTC is somewhat like technical support (in terms of technical analysis, but I don’t believe in TA) and it’s been broken.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and everyone is fully responsible for their own investment decisions.

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