Why the Central Bankers Don't Want You Looking Behind the Curtain.

in market •  11 months ago

In this report I cover the recent comments about crypto currencies made by the governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. I also show how our current central bank run fiat money system is anathema to free markets and competition.

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Thanks for the information!

In my country Bulgaria all of the people in government say they don`t know nothing about bitcoin and meanwhile in alternative media i read they confiscated bitcoins for billions...

Excellent maneco64, yes i promise top pay the bearer on demand! with another fraudulently issued piece of not even paper plasticy piece of crap of more debt! resteemed

Your report was good one. And @maneco64 you doing good 👍👍👍

Good blog, I'll follow you, resteemed :)

Great work @maneco64.

Waaw good job sir @maneco64

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Excellent analysis as usual maneco64. What do you think is better silver coins or silver bars? I have some silver bars, but I understand you can't split those as easily.


I have both. I personally think it's up to the individual to decide which silver coins or bars they'd like to hold. I can tell you I have a variety of both. In the end of the day what you want is silver.

Nice post sir ❤

I guess like every ponzi scheme those that got in early made huge gains, but as the scheme gets bigger and bigger it collapses under it's own weight. It's interesting that awareness of the system is growing just as it's foundations are starting to crumble.

Thanks for reporting this. Didn’t the Bank of England recently announce support for blockchain innovation?


It doesn’t mean they support crypto currencies though.

great report @maneco64.
thaanks for sharing.

I'm not sure if I can trust those central bankers but England talking about bitcoin or blockchain sounds so good to me.

It.doesn’t mean they support.crypto

Anyone who wants to peek behind the curtain should read the Creature from Jekyll Island.

Wake up! The current system is based on enslavement, which is debt.

Be ready also, banker have an evil plan to confused people about cryptocurrencies.

Even though you explain how this works I feel like every time you get more detailed and I provides me with a much larger view every time you focus on the layers of corruption.

Be ready also, banker have an evil plan to confused people about cryptocurrencies.