The Real State of the U.S. Economy.

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In this report I cover the early market action from London on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018. I note that the markets are fairly quiet this morning and that the precious metals, stocks and the dollar are pretty much unchanged.

I also look at the U.S. economy and the fact that President Trump has been bragging about how well the economy is doing and the the emplyoment or jobs situation is the best ever. I look underneath the surface and point out that the laboe force situation is actually not good and that almost 96 million Americans are not in the labor force and that the unemployment rate published by the BLS does not take into account these 96 million Americans.

I encourage the viewers to have a look at John Williams' blog in which he points out that if the BLS used the same methodology to count the unemployment rate that they did prior to 1994 that the rate would be above 20%

My conclusion is that President Trump, for now, is acting just like his predecessors as a quarterback and cheerleader for the central banking cabal by distracting the American people away from the massive economic problems of insurmountable debt and fiat money that they face. I point out that unless the U.S. goes back to constitutional money, silver and gold, and abolidh the Federal Reserve System little will change.

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Donald Trump like the presidents before him are puppets to the "Deep State" that really controls the US. This is obvious because when Trump was running he told the truth about the stock market, wars, and also said that silver was one of the best investments of a life time. Once elected he has done a 180 degree flip and we see him bragging about our fake economy and actually taking credit for the theater we are watching. I really wish more Americans would wake up to what is really happening, many are - but I believe most are so entrenched in the system and have to much to lose by leaving it , that they just pretend not to see what is obvious. Like everyone says, this will all end badly - how and when exactly nobody knows. Hold cash, precious metals, mining stocks, and defintely some crypto - to protect yourself you need to leave the matrix of fiat money.

We can't have Constitutional money with massive deficit spending. I wish Trump would cut the budget but right now it looks like the USA will never have a balanced budget again.

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Really great work my dear friend and I am glad to seen your daily post .many many thanks for sharing with us your important post

Great summurization of Mr. Trump as the cheerleader 😂.

The estimation of a 20% unemployment rate is terrifying.

Also, we have to keep in mind. Unemployment measurement isn’t accurate in how they distinguish a worker’s status. A part-time worker is considered employed from my understanding. Overall inaccurate measurements. Definitely a false percentage as you stated!

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So effective and informative content about market and unemployment crisis..sir @maneco64.. I think, Trump handle is smoothly because he was an businessman.. #Resteem done


Trump is extremely manipulative!

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DTrump does always have something to cover up in the real situations after all he sure is living the grand life and just not seeing the real fact of the people !

Thankyou sir for analysis....

I think that the US and the world is heading for an economic collapse. I am not an economist but the way we continue to increase our debt levels and manipulate the numbers to make it seem like everything is ok is going to catch up to us one day. I for one an 100% in crypto and don't expect that to change for some time.

Thanks for advance level posting.

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