Jesse Livermore: Live by Leverage Die by Leverage.

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In this report I look at the early market action from London on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018. I cover the precious metals, stocks, the mining stocks (Gold Bugs Index) and the dollar.

I look at the recent capitulation bottom in the HUI Gold Bugs Index and show how the charts could be pointing to out performance of the miners over the physical gold and silver.

I also go briefly over one of my favourite biographies and also market related books entitled "Jesse Livermore: World's Greatest Stock Trader" by Richard Smitten.

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Thanks sir @maneco64 to introduce the greatest stock trader book ''Jesse Livermore''. We can learn the deeply ideas about stock market from the greatest book.

I am not sure it's the "greatest book" but it is about the "greatest stock trader".

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What do you think of options as a means of leveraging?

Great video.

Jesse Livermore was a great trader and his many books give traders nuggets of wisdom. I just made a post about Jesse this morning centered around Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator by by Edwin Lefevre.

I think we're setting up to break the 200 day ma to the downside on the major US indices.

Read Reminiscences of a Stock Operator many years ago. Today's market microstructure is very different than it was during the period covered in the book, but I still think its useful in developing your own trading psychology.

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