The Brexit Non Crisis.

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In this report, I cover the early market action from London on Friday, November 30th, 2018. I look briefly at the precious metals, the stock market, the dollar, the bond market, and the oil price.

Today I revisit the topic of Brexit and how I have been saying ever since before the EU referendum in 2016 that the possibility of a vote to leave or Brexit would be used as a scapegoat or an excuse for the deplorable economic state of the U.K. economy for the past decade as a result of the Crisis of 2008.

My view has not changed and I have also come to the conclusion, that like the Oil Embargo Crisis of the 1970s, the Brexit saga or ongoing crisis is an engineered crisis by the elites or establishment in order to take away the spotlight from their shortcomings.

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Will Brexit Be Used as Scapegoat for Global Financial Reset?:

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Is it possible that the engineering goes a lot higher up ladder, is it possible we where to big a Thorn in the side off the EU and they needed to get rid off Britain so they could implement certain things and in time Britain would rejoin and would have to be totally Subservient? Cheers mike

I often tell people Brexit is an excuse to crash everything and just get laughed at. Their in for a surprise, sad thing is they'll actually think its Brexit that's caused it ! 💯🐒

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This whole brexit fiasco is a disgrace, how the UK government is getting away with it is beyond me. Between the US and UK, both countries like to preach about democracy but their actions hardly reinforce democratic values..

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Same here in Japan. Half of the workers under age 30 are temps. They have no hope to have family or home, because of poverty. The success of Japanese economy is a story of past as American dream is. This situation is what the club of Rome planned 50 years ago.

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Things are getting worse with community coin

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