Dollar Supertanker Turning Slowly but Surely South.

in market •  2 years ago 

In this report I look at the technical picture for the dollar index, the price of gold and silver.

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Sold silver for the first time. :) Not because of the money I would receive but I believe in selling anything you want to invest in to better understand your exit strategies and how easy it is to sell. I didn't sell much because I think Silver has a lot of room upside over time.

Over 400,000 members on Steemit now, I hope they all see your great posts also.


@robertchr Thanks.

excellent video thanks for sharing this information


@covals You are welcome. Thanks.

Thank you for sharing.


@oldman28 You are welcome.

I don't understand why Gold isn't trading at $2,000+ right now. If the threat of war with North Korea isn't enough, what is?

Appreciate the round-up as usual. We'll see what the probable rate hike in December will bring.

Like always precious information!!! Im happy give back some value returns on steemit. Thank you! :)