A Technical Look at Precious Metals and the Dollar. (December 3rd)

in market •  11 months ago

In this report I cover the technical picture for gold, silver, the dollar index, the euro and the Japanese yen.

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I've lost faith in silver. I am hope I'm being short sighted but it really has frustrated me as @maneco64 so observantly pointed out.

well Silver have been range trading between 16 and 18 for the entire 2017 ... have to break the range either side to see where it goes next year ... upvoted

I'm a silver bull, but I'm really hoping these bankers push this thing further down. More for us right?


@cryptomeeks Yes. It is always good to get a bargain but it would be nice to eventually see silver's value be reflected in its price.


I agree. It's value will shine through, to a greater extent as time passes.