The Parasitical Federal Reserve and Excess Reserves.

in market •  2 months ago

In this report I cover the early market action from London on Tuesday, September 11th, 2018. I look briefly at the precious metals, the stock market, the dollar, the bond market and the oil price.

Today I talk a bout how a return to barter could be a possible consequence of the meltdown of our current fiat money system and explain that vis the Austrian school of economics regression theory analysis of money.

I also look at an article by Keith Wiener on Silverdoctors where he exposes the parasitical nature of how the Federal Reserve and its fiat money system operates.

My conclusion is that a reversion to barter is probability but not a dead certainty.

Keith Weiner article:

HSBC video documentary:


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Good morning mario, sorry been a while since last comments, barter? prisoners serving time under HMP use all sorts to barter as we know, cigarettes tobacco matches lighters etc etc all legal tender so perfectly legal, was thinking why i do not see people on steemit doing the same? using steem or sbd to exchange goods they have between them? waiting for corporations to adopt crypto to offer their products i feel is not going to happen in the very near future, of course i am talking intrinsic things not digital ideas aps etc, have a very good day my friend :)


Have a very good day as well Andrew.


Inside prison oddly enough you have a free market with real price discovery.

Outside prisons you have criminals who manipulate and cheat and get away with it.

It seems the threat of getting shived (sp) in the shower because you cheated someone has some positive influence on behavior.

If there are no consequences for bad behavior the behavior will continue to be bad.

Kindergarten easy.

Why do you think the central banks delay the expected cyclical crush? My assumption is that they know they cannot revive the system pouring more debt this time.


They delayed cycle this time because the chance of it failing during the cycle was too high.

They know the end is near and this system can't be fixed.
So the cycle was put off so "they" could get into crash position. Just look at where all the money went.

They see the end coming and they know it can't be fixed, so its FULL STEEM ahead (see what I did here:-) no need to worry about saving it.

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I depart from the subject. You have a beautiful green wallpaper in the room.