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Who Will be the Next to Make Millions?

Dear Reader,

Despite the multi-millions pouring into the industry, micro-mobility is still a brand-new market that’s striking fear into the hearts of old-school traditional automakers and overpriced taxi cab businesses. We’re already seen two start-ups grab headlines and make fortunes for early investors, leaving only one question: who’s next?

Electric scooters (or e-scooters) are being seen more and more in big cities as micro-mobility sets the stage for less traffic, less pollution, and more transportation options where parking spaces are scarce or nonexistent.

Millennials, now America’s largest demographic segment in terms of population size, have turned the micro-mobility trend into an out-and-out phenomenon.

***Even so, most investors weren’t hip to the trend, and that’s why so many traditional analysts were stunned when micro-mobility company Bird became the fastest start-up in American history to achieve a billion-dollar valuation.***

It’s a sign of a bigger movement: the rapidly growing population in urban areas has, for financial and environmental reasons, engendered a better mode of transportation.

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The astounding success of Bird sparked an e-bike/e-scooter revolution that few commentators or talking heads predicted – but as expected, they’re all buzzing about it now that it’s a red-hot industry. They’re finally figuring out that micro-mobility has life-changing potential. As Index Ventures partner Martin Mignot, “initiatives like these have the potential to improve urban mobility and improve our daily lives – not least our health.”

Not just our health, but our wealth, too. Early-stage investors are absolutely cleaning up in the micro-mobility market, and the success stories just keep on coming. In fact, Uber and Google’s parent Alphabet are reportedly leading a group of investors who will be injecting a whopping $335 million into scooter-sharing start-up Lime.

So now we have not just one, but two billion-dollar unicorns in the micro-mobility space: Bird is currently valued at more than $2 billion, while Lime is worth over a billion. It’s no accident that much of their success sprang from cities like Atlanta, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., where micro-mobility isn’t just a business – it’s a way of life.

Positive Opinions of Scooters Across Major U.S. Cities (shown in green). Courtesy: Populus

With giants like Alphabet and Uber infusing cash into the industry, there’s no limit to the growth we’ll be seeing in the e-scooter market in 2019.

Now’s a great time to start looking for the next micro-mobility superstar, and I believe it’s going to be LOOPShare Ltd. (TSX-V: LOOP, OTC: LPPPF).

Known as the world’s first fully-integrated electric scooter sharing service, LOOPShare offers a unique turnkey global electric scooter sharing service. With a valuation that’s absurdly low in this market, LOOPShare has a superior product with scooters featuring an advanced 7-inch touchscreen, GPS and GSM connectivity, day and night mode settings for enhanced visibility, and pin code ignition.

LOOPShare recently made the financial news when the company announced that they would acquire celebrity singer, rapper, and television personality Ray J’s popular Scoot-E-Bike business. The following day, shares of LOOP/LPPPF stock went through the roof as investors scrambled to get a piece of the action.

Ray J will continue to be an advocate and ambassador for the LOOPShare brand, and we could easily be watching the next Bird or Lime in the making. But you don’t have to just sit back and watch while everyone else makes money: taking a position now could be your ticket to profits in this fascinating and fast-growing micro-mobility movement.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri






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