5 Best paid crypto trading channels on Telegram

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Blockchain solutions have opened up avenues to a myriad of possibilities. The emergence of the crypto industry and blockchain solutions has played a pivotal role in evolving financial institutes, systems, and market perceptions. Today, digital assets such as cryptocurrencies are at the forefront of all traders and investors demands. With the recent crypto bull-run and bitcoin gaining a renewed momentum, the interest in cryptocurrency trading has skyrocketed. With so many potential great investment and trading opportunities, the need for better trading advice and demand for professional trading signals has risen astronomically.

While cryptocurrency trading closely aligns with traditional trading methods such as of stocks, fiat currencies, or commodities, they require stringent adaptation of technology into its methodology and requires the traders to understand the Market Patterns.

Market Patters continue to indicate diverse directions and insight into market movements for various assets; However, highly volatile markets inherent in cryptocurrencies require the utilization of multiple indicators, graphs, and comprehension of fluctuations.

Today millions of successful investors are enjoying passive income from cryptocurrency movements thanks to some of the best paid crypto trading channels offering top notch advice. While cryptocurrencies and their infamous market movements have been crucial in driving the digital revolutions, people heavily rely on both free crypto channels and paid crypto channels on telegram to seek their fortunes. Telegram trading channels have undoubtedly played a catalytic role in the emergence of the crypto industry.


Paid Crypto Channels on Telegram?

Paid Crypto Trading channels are communities’ that accumulate the best trading signals advice and offer it to their subscribers. Trading channels consists of seasoned and knowledgeable traders with years of successful experience in trading digital assets, in this case, Cryptocurrencies. Trading channels instructs users to buy or sell a specific asset. Typically, these instructions comprise the following.

The Cryptocurrency
The Price to buy it
The Target to sell it
The Volume to buy
And more.

Trading signals are viable for Cryptocurrency exchanges. With over 2000 different assets listed among different exchanges, each is unique to their functionality, price, volume, and liquidity. Paid Crypto channels actively monitor price movements of various cryptocurrencies and trading pairs to provide optimal profits to their users. Interestingly, the price of an asset can vary among different exchanges; therefore, Trading channels have different signals for each exchange, such as Binance Crypto signals, Bybit Crypto Signals, and BitMex Crypto signals.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the five best paid crypto trading channels on telegram. While there are several free trading channels available on Telegram, we will be focusing more on more premium or exclusive trading channels that boast high success rates.

We are by far the best crypto trading channel on Telegram!. Our Paradise Team offers diverse options including Social trading and Copy Trading, to our valued ParadiseVip Members. Our team consists of seasoned and skilled traders with years of successful experiences in Forex trading and Crypto trading. We aim to share our diverse knowledge and success through crypto trading signals. Our crypto trading signals utilize multiple hybrid strategies tailored to state-of-art tools, statistical models, and robust trading fundamentals.

Our VIP users can mitigate the hassles and risks of crypto trading by connecting their portfolio with ours. We aim to advocate a seamless transition for upcoming traders into the crypto trading industry to dissect our experiences and fundamental analysis.

Alt Signals Binance
Alt signals are among the pioneers of paid crypto channels on Telegram. Alt Signals has a community of experienced crypto signals providers on telegram who offer some of the more accurate crypto trading signals on the platform. Alt signals’ crypto trading signals branch out to diverse exchanges, including Bittrex, Binance, BitMex, and Bybit. They gained their popularity from Forex trading and selling TradingView indicators. While they may be the pioneers of crypto trading channels on Telegram, they lack optimal risk management and swing trades across several popular exchanges.

Saviour’s Universal Crypto Signals
Saviour’s Universal Crypto Signals are a team of talented traders with an extended list of accomplishments following them, they are among some of the slightly more expensive paid crypto channelson telegram. The Universal Crypto Signal boasts a clean record of not losing trading of AltCoins since October 2019, which is praiseworthy considering the infamous aggressive movements in the Market. Universal Crypto Signals provide signals such as Binance crypto signals and BitMex crypto signals. Saviour’s Universal Crypto signals provide some of the most affordable and accurate crypto trading signals in the market, considering their outstanding performance and track record.

Emma’s Crypto Pillars
Emma’s Crypto Pillars primarily provided accurate signals for free before giving VIP services. The Crypto Pillars’ trading signals boast a whopping 94% accuracy among Binance crypto Signals and BitMex Crypto signals. The Crypto Pillars’ success and accuracy attribute to their exemplary setup with proper risk management, Friendly support, and excellent structures.

Crypto Classics
Crypto classics provide unique Binance and Coinbase signals to their users with an in-depth technical analysis. Crypto Classes are notable for their precise, calculated, and transparent decision making; however, they only focus on Bitcoin and Altcoins. Crypto Classics utilizes conventional trading strategies to provide exemplary entry and exit positions despite the assurance of profits. Crypto classics implement detailed background information tailored with fundamentals and exclusive information to offer exceptional benefits to their users.


When looking for best paid crypto trading channels on telegram, you have to base your decision on multiple factors. Many paid crypto channels on telegram offer signals but they frequency varies significantly. As a trader you need to become part of a community that take cares of its premium members. That’s why at MyCryptoParadise we offer up to 80 trading signals, VIP chat room and priority support to our premium members.


Of course, it's still quite popular to trade cryptocurrency. It's profitable, and I believe that cryptocurrency trading will only grow in popularity with time. That's why I started trading on this page a few months ago, even though some people told me that it's not profitable anymore. And guess who was wrong? Not me.

You can also add Trend Surfers with their free crypto signals on telegram and twitter. They also offer free crypto signals directly on their website.

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