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Dorothy Kilgallen. Why you need to know her name.

I set out, 10 months ago, to develop a radio program dedicated to informing and educating. Delivering listeners with news and information that would help them understand my discoveries. As you read, please remember, this trail all started by my research on the, then scare, of the ZIKA virus. My current trail episode: Mark Shaw, author of: The Reporter Who Knew Too Much.


What's My Line TV star Dorothy Kilgallen, is a name you need to know. If you're not familiar with the name Google it, put it into YouTube and begin to familiarize yourself with her and her works immediately. Who was she? Apart from being a TV star in the 1950's and 1960's where her beauty and intelligence graced the television screens of living rooms across America, she was a native of Chicago. But first and foremost, like her father, a journalist. At an early age she had began a career as a reporter for the Hearst Organization. At the time of her death, she was vigorously working on a book she had agreed to be published through Random House. Hob knobbing in elite circles, she not only became a close friend of JFK, she began an intense investigation, of her own, into the cause of death when the world lost him to assassination in 1963. Cause we know to be gun shot wounds. I said wounds. But what's pertinente here to this short article is the cause as seen through the eyes of Dorothy Kilgallen. Where as, it is strongly suggested through Mark's book that she lost her life, too, as a result of this research - and what she had discovered as being the "cause". Hence, Dorothy Kilgallen was: The Reporter Who Knew Too Much.

So why Mark Shaw ? Well first off, three adjectives: Informative. Inspiring. Controversial. A graduate of Purdue University, the Indiana University School of Law, and the San Francisco Theological Seminary, Mark Shaw is a former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst for CNN, ESPN and USA Today. He worked on the Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson and Kobe Bryan cases in regard. He is author of 20+ books and his articles have appeared on The New York Daily News, USA Today, Huffington Post and the Aspen Daily News. And furthermore, he was a friend of Melvin Belli. So this is important. Who was Melvin Belli. Belli was Chief Lawyer over the Jack Ruby case when Ruby pleaded innocent by reason of insanity in the slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald. It was Mark's personal association with Belli, and to Belli's seeming recommendation, that Shaw take a deep personal look into the sudden death of Kilgallen. Belli passed away in San Francisco in 1996. Mark dives so deep into the Dorothy's death that he goes as far to point out and identify a murderer - and it just so happens that this person, the presumptive murderer of Dorothy Kilgallen, is still alive. Shaw says that if this person did not indeed kill Kilgallen himself, he certainly knows who did. Shaw himself has personally interviewed the person.

So back to Dorothy. She and her work are not to be taken lightly. She personally would travel down to Miami, where I write this to you, to interview and talk to folks in Little Havana. There is a definite Cuban link to the JFK assassination and it is likely muddied in mafia tainted waters. But to give you a perspective momentarily from which to look at Kilgallen through, know this:

"Dorothy was one of the greatest women writers in the world"

  • Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway, if you're not aware, had a home in Key West and would frequent Havana to work on his books... about 70miles from Cuba. The above quote says a lot about Kilgallen coming from one of the greatest American authors off all time.

Dorothy was walking hot on a very blazing trail. So, allow me to please insert this: as I know you're keeping ZIKA in the back of your mind. As I mentioned to you my effort began 10 months back as a result of investigating this virus - I furthermore tell you that the Mark Shaw episode, having been LIVE Oct 18 on, was just a trail link to my research. 5x Emmy Award winner, Peter Lance has been a guest on my weekly program, twice. He was invited, and accepted, as a result of my investigation into Zapata Oil. An oil rig owned and linked to Prescott and George Bush and formerly of the Halliburton Organization. This rig resides just off the coast of Cuba. I had been lead that way from a former Stanford Hoover Fellow, Antony Sutton that speaks extensively of the Bush connection to a Yale Society that has its roots to Ingolstadt, Germany. Lance writes not about any of the Bush's or their business associations but, like I said, as far as Google was concerned, there was a link. His current effort is a website called Peter holds a JD from Fordham and a degree in journalism from Columbia, just to mention two. Let me quickly go here: of the research I've done, there is an underlying Rockefeller connection. You can point to British born, former Stanford Hoover Fellow, Antony Sutton now at this juncture. Being a Californian by birth, discovering that the pesticide Dibrom was a Chevron Chemical Corp (Walnut Creek, CA) engineered product, it made an immediate impact connecting this knowledge: the Rockefeller Foundation was the largest shareholder of Chevron and they also happen to hold a patent on the ZIKA virus. Please see this article: Do at this point, being a Bay Area native, both Chevron and Stanford University are named and institutions that, again, immediate resonate with me. My family has been in San Francisco since the 1890's. If the links do not add up clearly for you here - please read that article for further clarification but, let me leave you with this: there is an Italian Mafia connection as you swing the pendulum back Dorothy's way. Keep in mind, she was the reporter "Who Knew Too Much".

Dorothy, prior to her death, had been actively receiving death threats. She had gone so far as to buy a gun to protect herself. She was planning a trip to New Orleans where she had been researching Italian mob Don, Carlos Marcello. It was just prior to this trip, where she had hoped to gather further convincing evidence to put into her book for Random House, that her hairdresser Mark Sinclair, found her dead in her Manhattan apartment. Just two hours prior she had been seen in a neighborhood bar with a very suspicious and unknown man. Barbiturates and alcohol were found in her system. Cause of death was labeled an overdose. Shaw, others and now hopefully you, have and will have good reason to believe otherwise. Dorothy Kilgallen was seemingly poisoned to death Nov 8, 1965. Just short of two years from the time of the JFK assassination Nov 22, 1963. Carlos Marcelo was head of a crime ring they stretched from New Orleans to Dallas, Texas.

What to take away at this point? Again, it is written in said book that Kilgallen "knew too much". What she knew was that the hit seemingly was meant for John's brother, Bobby. As US attorney general he came down on the wrong people during his tenure. Brother John and he both lost their lives in an attempt to clean out some of the going-ons, in Washington. As we know, Bobby was shot dead in Los Angeles June 6, 1968.

I will be having Mark back on my program in the coming months. Unfortunately the station I broadcast from experiences technical difficulties and from time to time they effect my weekly program. Unfortunately this particular episode was only archived for 11minutes, which I will soon post. My total time with Mark that day was about 50minutes.


Dorothy Kilgallen seemingly lost her life for discovering, or getting very close to discovering, the cause of death for John F Kennedy. Like my previous entry, and words taken from previous guest on my show, John Kiriakou, as American citizens, we have a moral obligation to seek transparency and truth. In John's case her served 2 years in Federal prison for telling it. So, I would like, in closing, to issue my own thoughts on the JFK murder. What we know through history, and if you ever listen to my episodes, is that we need to always, as a people, question authority. In the USA, our constitution is such that WE elect those in positions of authority. But here's the caveat to consider. Throughout its time, 1776 to present, our government has ran off of a system devised by Alexander Hamilton. He and I closely related in the sense that I too, am a Hamilton. A family name passed down through the generations of our south west origins of the low-lands of Scotland. Centralized banking forces have, during that time (1776) attempted to control and monopolize the structure that runs the system built on that Constitution.: the US government. Perhaps known as the greatest document ever written my man. I propose this thought: as Abraham Lincoln knew, also JFK knew, that a central banking system was a threat to the integrity of that document. And like Lincoln, Kennedy set out to do something about it. Like Abraham, did JFK loose his life over a fight with this system of banking? We know it today, as JFK did, as the Federal Reserve. Incredibly the Satoshi Nakamoto block chain we know as Bitcoin may just help reverse this system that we see (a Central banking system) as incriminating to any democracy; the blockchain DE-centralizes banking. At least it attempts to. This is 2017. Therefore: central vs de-centralized banking and how it relates to truth in government and civilization.

Whatever road Kilgallen was steaming down in 1965 there is a relation. And this is at least another thing that we also know: just as the Mafia had a strong hold in the economics of Cuba - i.e., the Havana Conference of 1946, hosting US Cosa Nostra mafia leaders - too they had fingers in elements of the pie tied to the economic success of the USA. I point out that the US success is a direct reflection of its Constitution and NOT any ties to the Mafia or German society of Ingolstadt or any central bank societal structure. Momentary opinion, nothing more. But, regardless of the connection, elements were present in the functioning mechanics of its governance and, as much as US elected politicians at that time tried to clean system out, they were unsuccessful and some very important Americans and support elements to that system were lost. I believe there is much to be learned from what remains of ties to Dorothy Kilgallen. I commend Mark for the work he is doing and I invite you, if any of my words may resonate, to act on your own freedom and look into this mysterious death in American history. That of Dorothy Kilgallen. I've even tied it into the blockchain for you. See happy, investigating. It would appear your fellow world citizens would need you.


Thanks for reading

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