The Reporter Who Knew Too Much - The Dorothy Kilgallen Story

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What you need to know about the JFK assassination... investigative reporter: Dorothy Kilgallen.

Former defense attorney and author, Mark Shaw, set out to research the mysterious death of Kilgallen a few years back. Based in San Francisco, CA, Mark is a graduate of Purdue University, the Indiana University School of Law, and the San Francisco Theological Seminary. He is a former legal analyst for CNN, ESPN, USA Today and others. Some of his work has included the Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson and Kobe Bryant cases. He is author of over 20 books and his articles have appeared on The New York Daily News, USA Today, Huffington Post. Mark has joined my weekly radio program out of Miami now, twice.


Kilgallen was a personal friend of the former president and never accepted the Hoover explanation of Lee Harvey Oswald. She always seemed to see past it. Former tv star of What's My Line, investigative journalism was Kilgallen's favorite past time and just so happens to have been her passion. It seems she may have been too good at it. Ernest Hemingway once said Kilgallen was: "One of the greatest women writers in the world." She was no light weight and in Mark's book he seems to have finished going down the trail she left hot over 50 years ago now (2018).

Shaw says that what Kilgallen was researching took her deep down trails of the Mafia and in through New Orleans and Texas and Mississippi and the such. A winding trail she was on but, he is convinced that his work helps set stage to what he hopes will bring some type of closure to her work. Did Dorothy Kilgallen know just who killed JFK? Is it / was it someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald? Again, what Shaw asserts is that Kilgallen knew differently and he pins his accusation on who killed her to a couple of people. What Shaw asserts is that Kilgallen was murdered. This conflicts with what we (the public) are told. We are told that she died via overdose. He asserts this is untrue and that she was murdered in her NYC apartment on 68th because she "knew too much." What did she know? Shaw says that Dorothy, just days before she died is quoted as saying: "if the wrong people knew, what I knew, that would be the end of me." A few days later, she was found dead in her Upper East Side apartment.

Mark joined WynwoodRadio on my recent weekly episode of Discussions here in Miami. Please listen to the conversation:

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