Like a Kid in a Candy Store

in marjiuana •  4 months ago


Which bag would you choose??? 500mgs is way too much to eat all at once. I feel like the 150-250mg range is the dose to take if your looking for a good night.



Pure distillate 1 gram cartridges

Banana Nana or Dreamsicle

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Hands down the best Gummies I ever had


i recommend you eat 500mg and smoke a fat one until your nodding out lmao i’d say ~300 is my sedation threshold, beyond 300 and I’m as drowsy as a girl on a date with Bill Cosby

Wow, I think the best thing would be to try one at a time and you give us your review of which is the best for each occasion, personally I would go straight for the 500mg without thinking. LOL.

Look out for your health dude.

I'd have to go with 300 mg. I don't normally eat sugar, but I'd probably make an exception for an edible. :)