The Netherlands- Marijuana varieties and prices

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In The Netherlands are many varieties of Hashish and marijuana that are grown from a few main types .
The various types of (cannabis strains ) are created by crossing a male weed plant and a female plant of a different kind of weed .

There are three types of cannabis , namely : Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis .
Cannabis sativa is greater than the Indica and has thinner leaves. Cannabis sativa usually contains more THC. Cannabis indica is growing faster consequence, more harvest . Cannabis ruderalis contains hardly any THC.
Of the active substances in hashish and marijuana THC and CBD are most important .

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa contains mainly THC ( wiki: ) .

Cannabis Indica

The Indica besides THC contains more CBD ( wiki: ) .

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis Ruderalis varieties are almost always low-THC and a relatively high CBD content .

Marijuana in Dutch coffeeshops

In a coffeeshop, you come across a large number of types of Dutch weed. "Dutch cannabis" (Nederwiet) is one of the best-known weed species. Not only in the Netherlands but throughout the world . Nederwiet is slightly less powerful than other types of weed. Other well-known weed species : White Widow , Northern Lights, Haze, Power Plant, Jack Herrer , Orange Bud , Amnesia Haze and Bubble Gum.

Dutch marijuana is known for his high THC content ,mostly more than foreign weed . The CBD content is in Dutch weed but slightly lower than in foreign weed.

Dutch Weed average THC : 15.3%
Imported Weed: 4.8%


Marijuana prices

The average price for a gram of marijuana is around € 10 , - and for a foreign gram hashish around € 9 , - . In general , the more THC contains the weed the more expensive it is . The price of marijuana is increasing almost every year.

My experience is when you buy the weed in Amsterdam is often more expensive than in other cities , especially if you 're in the city center .

If you enjoyed this post, here is another item about the weed policy in The Netherlands:


Those prices sound pretty high. According to Rand Corp sounds like indoor sensimilla should cost no more than $200 per pound ot produce and outdoor perhaps below $1.

some cool looking ladies, hope the turned out well!!


Yah Man!

I like what you have to say here

Nice post yonuts :) You guys are so lucky in Netherlands!!! If you wish you can check out my wacky strain I created called "Anonymous Jack" It grows buds on leaf stems :)

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Great post, upvoted! I think more countries should adopt The Netherlands drug policies.

Hmm, Drug policy fails in Netherlands, although we can obtain drugs in a coffee shop. Is trading one problem. Cannabis should be totally legal, before we can have a good policy. More :

I know that Pain Management is one of the reasons why marijuana is becoming popular to consume. Pain can be one of three ways-acute, intense and temporary, or chronic. It can last for days or even years. Opiates are usually prescribed to patients who tolerate pain. But the body has a tricky way of building tolerance to these drugs over months. So it forces the person to increase the dosage. But the downfall of all this is that taking opiates can cause nausea and sedation, affecting long-term use. Sometimes I buy edibles in Canada online myself when I want to get rid of wild pain.

I'm a big fan of Sativas but we don't get them alot here in Chicago. I wish we had dispenseries here so we had choices instead of just "weed".

is this heaven ??

Weed is hard drug !!!!

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