What Is Monday Funday??

in marijuana •  last year

Hey Guys!

Every Monday for the past year I've made a short film about my adventures throughout the day. As usual, I always try to put a little extra effort into my work so please enjoy my little movies :) some times they feature my friends or my wife, sometimes they feature local dispensaries, but they always have the WockerOne brand of humour and lots of pot smoking, lol!

Here is a link to the VERY FIRST Monday Funday Vlog on YouTube:

My vlog quality has improved greatly over the past year or so. You should watch some of the old and some of the new to get a feel for my progress :) I hope to be migrating all of my vlogging to the Steemit / DTube platform in the future so have a great time watching, and don't forget to like, comment, share, subscribe, send it to a friend, UPVOTE and eat your vegetables!

Tim Wocker

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