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I finally allowed one of my more trusted bud tenders at my old medical cannabis shop, Euphoria Wellness on S Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas. They seem to pitch the finished products like edibles and tinctures more than the flower, which makes me think there's more commission money in it for them, and subsequently the ownership.

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I think the finished products allow them to put as little, or a lot of actual Mary Jane goodness into their product and is a verifiable ripoff in the marijuanna trade these days. I always stayed away from this stuff as I figured someday I would start creating my own oil, butter and edibles. this way I could control what goes into it and just how potent I want it to be.

The truth is, if you do it right, you can increase the usable product by three fold by making your own from scratch. The professionals in this business use every bit of the plant. Stem, stalk, seed, flower and if possible, even the roots. It's real simple, here's what you do.

Locate some "core ingredient" that happens to be legal in your jurisdiction - 1/2 oz or so of bud, ad if you can get ahold of whole plant, you'll need a dry food processor to beat down the stem, stalk and seed.

Get a crock pot that has bot a high and low setting. This is the most important thing. You need to infuse your MJ on the LOW setting, not high. Don't get one with one setting only. it will destroy the released THC and suck.

enter image description here


Get four liters of olive oil. Yes extra virgin olive oil. It's tougher and has a higher viscosity. The crock pot wont break it down as easily, which is what will ruin your taste and potency.

Put it all in, set the crock to low and let it cook slowly.

Stir with a slotted spoon every 30 minutes gently.

About 6 to 8 hours will get your THC released from the plant and into your heated oil. The two will bvecome one super green Incredible Hulk Juice.

Get a metal sieve and a clean, non-stick plastic bowl for transferring your finished oil. The container store has great plastic that the oil will just roll off and not cling to.

enter image description here


Strain it all as many times as needed till the shake is all gone.

Throw the crap away. if you did it right, what you have left over shouldn't be any good.

It really isn't any harder than this. I get this from a well-accomplished expert family member that will remain nameless. The dispensary charges about $35 for what's in the pictures below. I figure I could get 20 times as much for twice as much money. Do the math :)

The verdict on the tincture?

Smooth mellow high, last seems to last all day. And, the word pain hasn't entered my mind in two days.





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Dispensaries use their lowest quality extracts for edibles 100% of the time. In the medical industry "food grade" is product that can be sold to smoke. Usually they make concentrates like shatter with trim. After they run it once for the high grade smokeable product, they run the trim a second time because there will still be some sugar on the leaf. It comes out super dark, and unstable, with tons of chloraphyll in it. As long as the trim isn't old, it will still be quality THC though so it's perfect for edibles. they are making rediculous profits off of it though. It's a million times cheaper to make it at home with coconut oil and a crockpot, or if you're just using it for edibles and not smoke, open can blasting BHO in your back yard will work great even for amateurs because you don't need it to be stable. I like making my edibles with BHO or distillate because you can't taste the cannabis much. Great post friend!


Last year I bought lozenges from a different dispensary and they sucked. It was like they sat around for a long time and lost their potency ... but most likely never had it to begin with. Your reply is one of the best I've ever seen on one of my posts. good information. It's a good thing to shed light on trickery in the MJ biz. I harken back to old dealer days and the fuck job that always came along with that pain in the ass situation.


Thanks! I like having real interactions on steemit. Yeah the losenges were old or the product it was made with was old. Not all THC is equal, it can be degraded with light and heat. Just because it's says 100 mg of THC, doesn't mean it's not degraded THC. Prices will drop as competition grows in the industry, but right now despensaries have huge profit margins. If you can find someone to buy fresh trim from that would be the way to go. Good fresh trim is cheaper than flower but sometimes has just as much sugar perfect for coconut oil or BHO


I researched BHO and find it very intriguing, but one of the sites warned it was dangerous. Not sure entirely why. maybe it's the combustable part or making it wrong part that will kill me :)


Yeah it can be. The dangerous part is the purging of the BHO. The horror stories you hear are usually amateurs using a hot plate and vacuume or something similar to purge because they don't have a proper oven. If you are just blasting for edible's, and not smoke, then just purging it in the open is ok. There is more residuals left in the product but it's not really harmful to eat. If you smoke the product it's more important to purge it with heat and pressure, which is why people jerry rig the process. It's pretty easy and cheap to do safely, but definitely not for everyone! I just prefer to make my edibles that way. I'm spoiled and have access to proper equipment through work though.

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