Purple Punch - Indica - 21% THC

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Purple Punch is a cross between Larry OG x GDP (Grand Daddy Purp)

As you can see, this is quite the heavy Indica cross. Definitely bred for night time usage.

All Teh Feels & Smells

So here is where the Purple Punch polarizes itself. Purple Punch may quite possibly be the most beautiful bud out there. Nothing but frosty purps. It's like someone left a plum out in the snow. It also smells very similar to grape soda. Now here is where I have a bit of a problem with Purple Punch, or at least, this particular batch. It smells amazing, looks freaking WOW, but it doesn't taste great. It smokes with very little white ash, and none of the smoothness from the purp is felt. Just an overall let down. I have a feeling this purple pheno floating around lately, i.e. Purple Punch and Purple Fig, among others, is all bark and no bite. The bud looks, and smells fabulous, but that's where the fun ends. I can't even say for sure I like the high from it. Quite the shame...I had high hopes for this one.

Never Judge A Book By It's Cover







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Agree with you.

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Theres nothing i hate more than buying what looks and smells like some kill only to be let down by the high.

Crazy level of terps..

Sick looking purp :)

I would like to recommend Blue Dragon 25% Indica❗From what I have heard the effect are over whelming and a sense of bravery. Brilliant for late nights on the beach or sight seeing. Very focusing, getting work done, feel good while doing it. The aromas hint of soft blueberry twisted with a dense clean air taste. Sets the mood for body aches, mygraines, sores & sleep.
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