Marijuana Back In Time

in marijuana •  last year

Here's a short film video I made back in my Marijuana Radio days. I'm proud of this work.


Here's the original description of the story:

"This time around we worked our hardest to produce something very special. Marijuana Back in Time is a story of time travel and follows two Cavemen, Panka and Danka as they jockey for the affections of Kahna. Join them for a special day where they all discover the amazing power of marijuana. This plays more like a short film. It was partly inspired by the 80s film 'Caveman.' So, adults, sit back, light up a fat one, pack a bowl, or however you do it, and enjoy Marijuana Back In Time. It is our greatest and proudest work to date. I don't know how or if it's possible, but please request that YouTube feature this video. This video is intended for viewers over the age of 18. Enjoy!"


We froze our butts off out in the cold to get this done. It was a great experience. no longer exists, so there's no reason to go to that LINK. However, I'd be happy to sell the domain name.

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