Weed prices on the street. DONT GET CHEATED!

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So, this is for new stoners, old stoners, or people who are just interested. AND REMEMBER THESE ARE STREET PRICES. So, lets begin...

So let's start with the lowest amount you can buy. Well, the lowest amount most plugs (dealers) will let you buy.
So this is a gram
This will cost you anywhere from $10-$20. $20 is honestly what most plugs will charge for a gram, but if you find someone that doesn't want to cheat anyone and is about their business. Then a gram should at the lowest cost $10.

Now lets talk eighths.
So this is an eighth of weed
This will cost you anywhere from $40-$50. Again, from experience you shouldn't pay more than $45 for an eighth. I don't care how loud they say their weed is.

Got change? Cause we got quarters!
So this is a quarter of weed
This will cost you anywhere from $50-$70. I've only paid $50 to $60 for an quarter ever.

Half ounces!
This is a half ounce of weed
You'll pay between $140-$180. I've paid $100 before for a half ounce, but the regular price is around $130-$140 from experience.

This is an ounce of weed
M66ax (1).jpg
This will cost you between $250-$350. I got the price estimate from a couple of my friends who smoke. I buy ounces for $200 so I guess the regular price would be anywhere from $200-$250. I would recommend just to have a scale on you. I always do when it comes to getting my bud.

So, these are the street prices of weed. I didn't show the prices of pounds because I've never personally bought a pound...yet.


Where is the best weed came from? Any particular country/area that you like most?

Honestly the best weed I've ever got was from LA. But I'm pretty sure you will find better weed in Colorado since the technology and industry for marijuana is booming there.

A good strain and care. It goes by prefrance

Toronto: $10/1g, $30/3.5g, $60/7g, $100-$120/14g, $200-$240/28g.

The prices some people pay... $20/g... no, sir.

I never payed $20 for a g ever, but I know people who have so I had to put it into the pricing range.

I hear it's like that in New York... you'd think a better dollar would buy more weed.

Wow i would never pay 20 a gram or 350 an oz... where are you paying them prices.

I've never payed those prices either but the pricing range wasn't just based on my experience,but from me and from 10 of my friends and 3 stoners I've met online.

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