Canada to Legalize Marijuana: Here is How The Police Will Catch You Driving High 👮🚗💉🍁

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In Canada recreational use of cannabis will be legalized on October 17th, however, driving under the influence of marijuana is still illegal. When being pulled over after the alcohol is ruled out as the impairment via breath test, a pulse check, an eye test, one leg stand, and walk and turn test will be conducted. Moreover, in December 2018 Canadian police officers will be able to administer roadside saliva tests. If believed to be impaired, the suspect will be brought back to the police station to complete the 12 step process taking from 30-60 minutes. 

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original grandma kush

The tests done to test for marijuana impairment are unreliable even in this article. Urine test checks back 30 days and saliva I believe is 24 hours... Maybe less. All of these testings do not define any limits or reasoning for why marijuana impairs driving to begin with. It's simply antidotal evidence which will ruin lives.