How Marijuana Has Eased My Mom's Pain During Cancer

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I'm not much of a pot smoker, personally. However, I am a long time proponent of drug legalization - and not just marijuana, but all drugs. This post has to do with marijuana, though. Specifically its medical use.

My mom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she has accepted this. She often told me that what she hated the most were the different kinds of painkillers, and the cytostatic that she had to go through, because they made her feel horrible. She agonized over the fact that she only has so much to live, and the remaining time would be spent in painkiller coma, ridden with the dozens of negative side effects that come with them.

As I said, never been much of a pot smoker, but I was aware of that marijuana has been, and is, used to alleviate pain, especially among cancer patients, so I brought it up.

Me being pro drug legalization actually used to be a huge source of arguments between us when I was younger, because she could not understand how I could possibly be pro drugs.

However, we had a really good, mature conversation about it, finally.

She finally figured what the heck, it's not going to make anything worse at this point, and gave me the green light to get her some.

I researched the state of medical marijuana in Finland, and soon found out that you basically need to be on your death bed in Finland in order to receive medical marijuana.

So, suffice to say I opted for the illegal route. No biggie.

Hey, I finally found some actual, real life use for my BTC, at least!

My mom actually has a damn annoying neighbor, who's unemployed and has nothing better to do than to stalk other people and think of things to complain about. My mom wanted to smoke in the balcony, but was worried that Whiner McWhinerson would start whining and calling the cops, and blah, blah.

I then did what every self respecting son would do, and went to an ATM machine, took out some money, knocked on his door and handed him the money, saying my mom is going to die of cancer, she will be smoking pot to alleviate her suffering, and you can keep the money and shut up, or report her and I'll break your neck.

He gladly took the money, and we haven't heard of him. Good.

The point of this writing, though, is that pot smoking has made my mom feel massively better. She no longer takes other sorts of painkillers, and therefore doesn't have to deal with the side effects.

She can live her remaining time more fully, and that makes me infinitely happy.

We've had a lot of rocky times, and it's a damn shame it took something like this for us to get really close, but better late than never.

A lot of people have asked me whether it's more painful to know that a loved one is going to go, as opposed to it being sudden.

I've only experienced it this way, with my girlfriend also having cancer issues years ago, but I think that even though it's painful to know a loved one won't be there for long, you can really weigh in, and appreciate the time you have.

It infuriates me to no end that medical marijuana is still such a taboo in many places, even though the overall attitude towards marijuana has become noticeably more tolerant during the past decade, or so.

I remember bringing up marijuana and drug legalization when I was in high school in 2005, and got ridiculed for it a lot, so it's been nice to feel a sort of vindication over the past few years.

But still the medical use of marijuana has not been tested as much as it should have been, due to its status as an illegal drug in many countries with government regulations getting in the way.

My girlfriend also smoked to alleviate pain, and I was as angry then as I am now thinking that a precious soul like her was technically a criminal simply for medicating herself. My mom is a criminal, as well. No, not a big time criminal, but still.

Not to mention myself. I have basically trafficked drugs, which in Finland makes me worse than a rapist in some instances.

I've said it a million times that cops in Finland care about three things: speeding, drugs and tax evasion.

I'm guilty of all three, so I'm a big time dangerous terrorist in the eyes of the Finnish government.

The point of this writing is that if you or your loved one is going through cancer, I've witnessed the positive effects of smoking marijuana twice now. Marijuana is becoming more and more legal globally, but it can still largely be a bitch to deal with the criminalization.

Moreover, it's a known fact that some chemotherapy drugs can cause peripheral neuropathy, which is a set of symptoms caused by damage to nerves that control the sensations and movements of arms and legs.

It's also a known fact that marijuana has been shown to help with neuropathic pain, including one caused by chemotherapy drugs.

I'm not someone who only praises pot, or puts it on a pedestal of any kind, but the health benefits of smoking for a cancer patient going through chemo and other treatments have been shown, and are too large to ignore.

There have been some reports of marijuana possibly slowing the growth of cancer cells, but I have not been able to verify the credibility of these reports. But even if pot doesn't "cure cancer" as some say, it's worth it to at least make the patient feel better.

My mom has been going out with her dogs, seen her friends, been at home, living. The pain meds had her sleep through much of the day, unable to really function, or do anything productive.

Now she's enjoying her life the best she can.

And that's the most I can hope for. Knowing she's terminal, and having a low quality of life was the fucking worst.

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I am glad she has found some relief and able to retain some dignity.

My mother in law has been in treatment three different times now. She is, fortunately, winning the fight (for now) but seeing the emotional change and loss of dignity is devastating.

I wish you both the best, and FUCK CANCER!



Prayers for your mom dear @schattenjaeger

Wish there were an easy route from The Netherlands to Finland for the stuff.

Appropriate response and/or GIF.


You are a good son,...


I haven't always been, but thanks for saying that.


I take care of a lady that her kids turned their backs on her.
She wasn't very pleasant to be around, I guess.

I think that in the future will heard about cancer more than flue ...and the human should find more solutions

I think it is some kind of law of the universe or something that everyone have a Whiner McWhinerson getting in their business. While not as descriptive, I just simply refer to them as Loser. But I'm glad you found a solution.

I have been dealing with some peripheral neuropathy, progressing ever so gradually, but noticeably. I had high hopes that some marijuana might help. Paid up for the some stuff sans the mind-altering properties so I could partake regularly and maintain the high functionality that my work requires. Alas, no positive effects. Maybe I'll risk sacrificing some functionality and give it another try.

Needless to say, I have become more and more vocal about the potential benefits of medical marijuana. And how in the hell can a government be so openly hypocritical to simultaneously classify marijuana as a class 1 drug (by definition, having no medical properties/purposes) while holding a patent on its medical application! Any illusion that your, or my, government has our interests in mind, whatsoever, is completely dispelled by that, imo.

I’m sorry you have to go through this as I have lost a few people to cancer. Maybe try an in home vaporizer.

I have never used marijuana or any other drug ever, however I am also a proponent of it's legalization. First of all, there are many, proven medicinal benefits for various diseases and chronic pain. Secondly, legalizing it would almost instantly help turn around the economy of many states struggling financially right now. To me, this is a no-brainer. Folks just have to step away from the stigma and look at it logically. Prohibition put an end to all of the violence and corruption of bootlegging and we lived to tell about it. Legalizing marijuana would be far less dramatic.

Glad your Mom is benefiting from marijuana. I guess there are many of us "criminals" out there having to risk arrest, and all because we want to have some quality of life instead of being poisoned by the drugs that doctors and Big Pharma want to kill us with.

Thank you so much for sharing this. Upvoted at 100% and Resteemed. It is fucking unreal to me that someone like you is viewed in the eyes of the state as a criminal. We live in a nightmare, backwards world, in many ways. Thanks for making it a better place.

I never used marijuana or any of its kind...I dont go for that...though it may help as they say...I have a migraine and they said it can help me too but i don't...sometimes..
Everyman I believe has their own side of any issues in this world and I respect your insights...

in my country, marijuana is considered as illegal goods, for anyone who has it will be in less than 5 years jail lesson confinement. @schattenjaeger


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I will echo the "fuck cancer" sentiments here and wish your mother and your family well as you cope with her illness and manage her pain with pot. I think it's so important for people to share their positive stories of the medicinal properties of this plant to de-stigmatize and decriminalize its use, so thank you for a great testimonial. Your mom is lucky to have you!

Waw... it doesnt matter what does the trick, we are only interested in seeing that the trick is done. Am glad you introduced marijuana at this critical time. Atleast it is making her feel a lot better.

I wish her well. Cancer has no respect for life. I wish her happiness all the way.

Excellent post. Funny how the universe works sometimes. I just came across this marijuana ad that I've fallen in love with!

You'll love it I guarantee this!!!

Hi, @schattenjaeger,
you are a wonderful son to your mother! Whiner McWhinerson took the money, I'm shocked.

Medical cannabis is really better than most drugs that destroy us more than they heal us.

Many studies have proven this: it is CBD which is important against pain and not THC which allows the breakage. Medical cannabis therefore contains a lot of CBD and very little THC.

I hope my English is ok because I'm French.

It is sad,How many cures for cancer are out there, but suppressed by main stream medical profession .

"Plants" should not be illegal anywhere. Im glad your mom has found some relief. Ty for sharing :)

Amazing story. Thank you for sharing so candidly here.
Happily reposting. Thank you and Steem on!


Glad you have found something that eases your Mom's pain. Much better than watching her waste away in her chair all day and nightBless the both of you.

I am very glad to hear your mother is getting some relief, My mother also passed of cancer so i can sympathize, it is so hard to watch loved ones suffer. I myself smoke for medical purposes and i still can't tell most . of my family as they will judge me as a drug addict unfortunately, what's worse is they won't research or learn about the benefits.
Thanks for the post and good luck to your family

I'm so glad she's getting some relief and that you have this time with her.

very grateful she is getting some relief!! I am 21 years remission from cancer of the Cervix - had no chemo or radiation....... only used cannabis, and cannabis oil, and a high PH/low acidic diet...... my aunt had 4th stage Hodgkins lymphoma (gave her 2 years MAX - in 2011) - she stopped all chemo which was killing her, and ONLY started on the natural rememdies........almost 7 years later still 100% Cancer free

PLEASE email me, and there are combinations of natural cures are proven to be cancer killers

A friend in Holland is now technically HIV negative after 24 years, from 2 years on the RSO oil