Weird cloning success

in #marijuana4 years ago (edited)

After chopping a clone from my NothernLights, I wrapped some wet paper towel around the future root zone and stuck it back in the soil.
A week later, it had roots!
Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 10.15.23.png


hel yeah! SOmetimes this justw orks! u can even just stick a cuttog in the ground and it can grow! u can also use aloe vera as a rooting gel it has thee right hormones and even other chemicals like acrylic acid that all combine to make for godo organci rot gel but it ddoenst have same succes rate as that ppurple goo that comes in Clonex that is liek anIndol 3 butrytic acid that works 99 percent of the time LOL

But yeah u can always just take accidental cuttings and pat em! ilm always accidentally ripping off a lil cuttong here and there i always put em inthe ground!

Good job. Is it an inside or outside grow?

Thanks, it's in a tiny grow room.

You need two things to promote fast healthy root regeneration, the correct ph and aeration. Good job keep us posted!

I had cut that because it wasn't getting any light, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to clones.
I'll keep your tips in mind for future projects;)

Nice thanks!

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