Cali Kush review

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Hello Steemers!

Gonna do a review of the Cali Kushs today.
Paid a gram 15€.

Cali Kush

It had a weird woody smell.

Cali Kush

The buds were puffy, but rather hard, with allot of crystals and thick orange hairs as you will be able to see on the following pictures.
The color looks little grayish.

Cali Kush

Cali Kush

Join specifications:
1g Cali Kush
Blunt Wrap Platinum - White Grape

The review blunt

The smoke had a very mild woody smell and a fair hard woody taste.
It was rather mild and easy to smoke once you get used to the taste.
After half the blunt I got a very dry mouth and started feeling very relaxed.
Before I ended the blunt I could feel the effects taking full hit.
The top of the high lasted for about 3 hours. I was feeling very lazy and relaxed.
The wear down took a fair 2 more hours in which time i got very hungry and begun killing chocolate.
Throughout the whole evening up till to going sleep i could feel my eyes being heavy and still a bit buzzy in my head.

My opinion
A very nice strain, quite a different taste from the usual and very strong stone effect.
Would recommend it for evening times or maybe a very light joint during the day, honestly i prefer strains that relax during the nighttime rather then daytime, or to put it even better, time without work :)

Hope you enjoyed another of my weed reviews!
I would like to see what other steemers are smoking these days, bring those photos out, let the whales smell the beautiful flavor of your ganja.

Kind regards, OZ:)


Nice post. We are so spoiled in Cali. Here is a pic I took the other day. This one is probably the best stuff on Earth. Its called El Chapo ( They should have called it Snapple)

Looks like roses

Ohh, yeah another one. Was waiting for this. Nice review.

haven't seen kind of post like this in a while, thanks!

Free the weed! A true decentralized platform will not attempt to police this kind of activity. Peace

Nice review! I wish I could get my hands on some Cali Kush. I am so jealous!

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