Red Beard (Hybrid) 100mg Dark Chocolate Bar- 25mg per square [Medical Cannabis Review]

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Red Beard (Hybrid) 100mg Dark Chocolate Bar- 25mg per square [Medical Cannabis Review]
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At 6:14pm I took 25mg (1 square) sublingually, melting it under my tongue I find it’s the fastest most affect way to do this, but you can also eat it like a normal candy bar with delayed effects and it may result in slightly different reactions.
25mg is a high dose for me when it comes to edibles, but the amount I ingest all depends on pain levels and where I am hurting. So please if you are a new patient start off slow and ask your local dispensary any dosage questions for yourself.

Today my pain was really bad all over. 9+

To start off the Red Beard Bar was amazing in taste. This is the first bar I have received that you could taste mostly the dark chocolate, very light cannabis taste, and then strong cannabis taste at the end.
Ever since I had my first cannabis infused chocolate bar I have been in love with this method of ingestion. The combinations of the chocolate and so far every cannabis flower I’ve had mixed with it is amazing. I always get the dark chocolate so I can’t say for the milk, but they taste so good it could be dangerous.

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By 6:18pm the effect was starting to appear and was pretty strong
6:20pm heavy feeling in my face. Feeling very relax, but also alert.
6:24pm my face feels slightly numb. My jaw is very relaxed which doesn’t happen often with my TMJ. Big plus.
The cannabis hit my system very quickly, stayed at a constant feeling of relaxed, alert, motivated, with a numb, heavy feeling in the cheeks.
I feel like this would be a great strain of cannabis for working out.
The Red Beard Bar seems to help me mainly with my neck , nausea, and energy level. Which is awesome for my chronic migraines and fibromyalgia.
My dispensary gets some products from others around the area and I do believe this candy bar came from Sanctuary ATC, one of the four dispensaries located in New Hampshire. I have to say I seem to like these better than the previous bars they where selling. Not sure if they made them themselves or also got those from another dispensary, but I’m defiantly happy with the upgrade.
7:15pm starting to die down, but still very relaxed, less energetic, I more want to relax and watch TV , but pain level is down to 5/6 all over. (10 being the worst) Some places hurting a bit more than others.
I have to say this was a very long-lasting strong effect, that lasted until 8:30pm. I can tell it is still strongly in my system and may last at least another hour, maybe more.
Rating: 1 to 10 (10 being the best) I give Red Beard 100mg Dark Chocolate Bar a 10+++
I would buy this over and over again. $30 for a 4 piece candy bar can be expensive, but its great for when you’re in a ton of pain and still want to get things done.

Discourse: I am a medical patient in the State of New Hampshire where cannabis is legal. I do these for the purpose of information. Always ask you Dr. for professional help and never drive impaired. Reminder that this is only my own experience and yours may be different. I own all rights to these pictures and articles. Thank you!

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