Katsu Bubba Kush {Medical Cannabis Review]

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Katsu Bubba Kush- THC: 17.14%, CBD: <0.05%

The smell is very pleasant, citrus like.

I started a blunt of this flower at 12:50pm and it lasted until to 1pm.
My pain today was 8 out of 10 (overall body pain) waking up. Neck. right hip, and cramps. (10 being the worst)
At first the feeling of it is very spacy, lightly intoxicated, but still very functional.
By 1:17pm I still feel the effects, but more level-headed. My eyes are heavy but I feel very relaxed and happy.
I had a horrible migraine when I woke up, but after smoking this it went almost completely away. Neck is at a pain of 6 now, hip is at a 8, and cramps a 10 at 1:20pm
Overall it does help for relaxation and some of my pain problems. This is good for staying home on one of those days you’re not going anywhere. I feel with the panacea topical it would be a perfect combo, but for this review I am focused on just this product.
Around 2:00 pm I still feel it in my body, pain is completely back, but the head feeling is still there.
2:45pm can barely feel the effects anymore. Pain is back to 10+.

Overall I give this flower at 8 out of 10. (10 being the best) Great smell and look. Works very well to relax and still be slightly functional. Helped me a lot with my migraines. This is defiantly something I would buy again.

Disclosure: Remember to check your state laws on cannabis. And never drive impaired. I own all rights to pictures and article. Thank you.

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