Grow weed for free with 3D printed hydroponic system

in marijuana •  2 years ago

Hydroponic hardware is not available everywhere and it's often very expensive. But now you can 3D print your hydroponic system with the open source project

DISCLAIMER ! Growing maryjuana is illegal in many countries, don't do this if the risks are high, some countries even apply death penalty.


They have 3 different systems that I will not describe here just take a look at the website.


Ho but you don't have a 3D printer. Now that's the good news, you can build it yourself using a very cheap DIY kit. You can order one from China on Aliexpress for $200 including Fedex delivery, search for Tevo Tarantula, join the FB group and watch tutorials while you wait the delivery.


Please comment if you are interested in this project, if you have or need more information, or if you just like it.

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@fabien je savais que ça te plairait !


Maintenant je comprend pourquoi tu veux autant d'imprimante 3d :D

This is LIT, whole lot of high stuff is one place :P