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MCR Labs out of Framingham, MA had done research back on December 2nd 2014, releasing the results of reclaim recovered from dab rigs and tested the oil in different consistency's.

I personally have always wondered about the amount of medical THC and Cannabinoids would be in used oil and after further research, they by far had the best results visually to see the exact output.

I recommend that connoisseurs of dabbing use reclaim in making edibles for a longer lasting (not to mention better tasting) product.

1st test:


2nd Test:


3rd Test: The picture for the results was corrupted but the results are as follows:

The Max THC was 50.3%, the Max CBD was 3.7%, and the CBN was 7.5%

4th Test:


Test 1 and 3 where removed by means of collecting from drop down.
Test 2 Was removed from by means of scraping direct inject on dab nail.
Test 4 was removed by torch to thin the viscosity for removal and sat for 6 months.

The more you know, The more you grow, The more you stay pro.

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Very educational for those smokers and tokers. Good post!! Upboted a rebloged

Interesting results since they vary by a lot. If you get your new reclaim tested again you could maybe take notes on the oil you smoke e.g. the THC and CBD content, and see if it affects the THC percentage of the reclaim in any way.

If you mean by testing the oil before and after from one perdomanent rig set for each test (controlled testing), then yeeeees I would love to do that personally, but lab test can become spendy. Maybe i can locate a testing facility that would sponser such a test. In the meantime I'll always keep researching and digging through the mass amounts of data. Big ups.

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