What is your Opinion About Marijuana

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They say you are a dangerous grass

you kill/damage the brain without looking back or even thinking twice.

you turn a humble soul to a murderer

you sweep through the streets and turn the innocents into addicts

some say you are a fast killer, you damage the lungs just as you do to the brain.

the have different names for you, although there's no advert for you but you sale like water.

funniest part, some say you cause infertility in male , you make them have low sperm count. and you increases ones chances of getting heart attack.

mehnn there a lot of things about you, but here is my opinion about you.

i will say, you are a friend in need, a friend who doesn't disappoint 

you make one forget sorrows, you brighten up the day,you give strength when needed, you speak when asked,you give advice when its seeked for

They say you kill. i just want to ask them.

were you there when they died of Pancreatic Cancer?

were you there when there young ones got killed by malaria?

were you also there cholera struck their lands?

F**k what the say about you, i know one day they will definitely find you useful.. I love you MJ

By Corwin Brandon

What is your own opinion about it?

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Not to be a downer. But if you're borrowing a picture from another site, don't crop out the website.

Only saying it because I wouldn't want my content borrowed without being credited.

Pay it forward. That's my opinion. Also Yay to the mind killing grass plant.

okay, thanks for the advice